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Hidden homicides

In this week’s File we investigate the real toll of domestic abuse, and we ask: why is no one counting how many women, known to be suffering from abuse, are dying?

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Miles to go

With gyms closed, it’s even harder for women to exercise safely. Lawmakers must find a solution, Megan Kenyon writes.


Health and wellness

A few tiny tweaks to your lifestyle will make you feel better about your health, even if they’re not making any actual difference.

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Performative politics

Arguing over Churchill or ‘wokeness’ should not be the priority for either the left or the right – not in the middle of a pandemic.

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Business breakfast

At tomorrow morning’s ThinkIn, we’ll be discussing whether big investment platforms are making fools of small investors.

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Tesco’s awkward pay gap

25 January 2021
  • Chinese military aircraft flew more than two dozen combat aircraft into Taiwanese airspace over the weekend (more below). 
  • Russians demonstrated in more than 100 cities on Saturday to demand the release of Alexei Navalny.
  • Robert Halfon, the Conservative minister, warned of “an epidemic of mental health problems and educational poverty” if the UK government does not reopen schools.

You might have thought Britain’s supermarkets had enough on their plates with Brexit and Covid. Not so. Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, is fighting an equal pay claim that could land it with a £2.4 billion bill. Tesco shop workers, who are mostly women, say they are being paid £3 an hour less than their warehouse colleagues, who are mostly men, for doing the same job. 

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This week, we’re seeking your views on our Covid Inquiry

The Tortoise approach has really shone in respect of covid reporting throughout. To hear this timeline of simple reality – of what it’s been like for those of us managing the pandemic – was profoundly moving.

Simon, member since November 2020

Excellent program, very informative, hard hitting and candid. Did a good job of separating the obvious complexity of the pandemic from the poor performance of the UK government representatives.

Michael Eliastam, member since June 2020

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