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Slow Newscast

Retreat from Kabul: Part 2

The damage was done; the Taliban’s takeover assured. In London, Dominic Raab became the fall guy for government failure and the UK’s power was evidently diminished – and a group of MPs and NGOs worked desperately to get Afghans, left behind by official evacuations, out.

Editor’s Voicemail

The continental Conservative

The PM’s left turn after Brexit has alienated him from many in his own party, making him increasingly vulnerable.

Slow views

Shuffle off

Rather than insisting that people listen to their work in a rigid order, artists like Adele should instead respect listeners’ choices.


The WFH Diet

Working from home has enabled Edith to indulge in the joys of endless grazing – and to push the boundaries of what’s considered edible.

slow views

The Gulag’s ghost

Putin has been trying to bury Russia’s brutal history for decades – and is now using the courts to crush those who preserve its past. 

sensemaker our daily roundup of the news that matters

Channel quarrel

26 november 2021
  • Visitors to the UK from six African countries were told they would have to quarantine in government-approved hotels because of a heavily-mutated new Covid variant (more below).
  • Australia rushed peacekeepers to the Solomon Islands to tackle riots prompted partly by the islands’ 2019 decision to switch diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to mainland China. 
  • Prime Minister Mario Draghi confirmed that Sharbat Gula, best known as the “Afghan girl” on a 1985 National Geographic cover, has been granted asylum in Italy. 

The UK government is finding it hard to be diplomatic when diplomacy is sorely needed. Ministerial talks planned for Sunday have been scrapped by France because of an “unacceptable” open letter from Boris Johnson to Emmanuel Macron.

A brand new podcast series

Sweet Bobby

How well do you know the person you love?

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We need to get the world vaccinated as fast as possible. We’re in an arms race: vaccines vs variants. That’s why we’ve launched our Vaccine Tracker along with a campaign to vaccinate the world by the end of next year.



covid Inquiry

Why wait until spring 2022?

That’s when the prime minister has said an independent inquiry into the government’s response to Covid will begin. Here at Tortoise, we felt the need was far more urgent – and so, last Autumn, we held our own.

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