We dig into the numbers behind the big stories that are shaping our world.

Research & analysis

An important part of what we are doing at Tortoise is data journalism – finding stories in large sets of data. It is slow news in its purest form. Our tool for this is the index.

Indices collect and organise data to deliver clarity on topics by nature. They are accurate, insightful, and powerful tools for change.

The work we do will provide a wellspring of data-driven insights that will inform and shape the stories we tell.

The Global AI Index

Our flagship index is the first global tracker monitoring national capacity to both innovate and implement for an AI-driven future.

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Our team

Our team is led by Alexandra Mousavizadeh, who has more than 20 years’ experience in ratings and data analysis. We bring together renowned experts from many fields to advise us and validate our work.

“An index can be a roadmap for driving real change in the world, helping policy makers to reset their ambition and goals”
– Alexandra Mousavizadeh

Starting a conversation

Our ThinkIns bring together world-class experts to talk through the topics we’re investigating.