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What a year. Thank you for getting us this far. We do hope you’ll stick around – Tortoise is just getting started.

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Why Tortoise?

From extraordinary experiences to everyday injustices, Tortoise members shape our journalism. Your voices and stories are the engine of Tortoise journalism and what makes our news different.

It’s been a great start, thanks to you

The Tortoise Network

5,000 complimentary memberships offered to underrepresented groups and people working for change on the frontline of local communities.

Responsibility100 Index

Our landmark piece of data journalism: the first ever ranking of the FTSE 100 companies on their contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

State vs the Family

A 12 month investigation, shortlisted for a British Journalism Award, into the alarming rise in cases of family separation.

But there’s so much still to do
Stick with us and help us achieve all this in 2020…

Podcasts and audio

Access to exclusive content in the app and the chance to shape what we cover in a brand new podcast for 2020.

Nationwide ThinkIns

As diverse as London is, breaking out of the bubble means listening to people as far afield as we can – from Devon to Dumfries and everywhere in between.

Digital ThinkIns

From 2020, you’ll be able to join in (not just watch) conversations in our newsroom from wherever you are in the world.

What our members are saying

Tom Dewar

I can already highly recommend @Tortoise. It’s the news equivalent of dipping your head in a cool, glacier-fresh stream on a scorching-hot day.

Lucinda Day

Went to my first @Tortoise ThinkIn last night on gender. A really fun eve – full of lively comment & a totally inclusive atmosphere. Not at all like a traditional panel event.

Kelwyn Looi

Really recommend the ThinkIn. Refreshing to actually hear views from real people that then feeds into what’s published. Team is lovely too!