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What is Trump’s path back to power?

This is a digital-only ThinkIn. There’s rarely a second act in US politics – but if Trump taught us anything it’s that you can’t rely on convention. Biden’s plummeting approval ratings and rumours of frustrations between the West Wing and the Vice President Kamala Harris are a gift to the Trump camp. Rising gas prices and inflation are creating the perfect storm for political discontent, and Trump’s supporters are mobilising. If Trump does make a successful return to frontline politics, this time around things might be different. He has four years of experience, and greater familiarity with how the mechanisms of government work. Join us for a ThinkIn where we explore the realities of Trump’s return: can he do it? editor and invited experts Emily Benn Editor Geraldo Cadava Historian and Professor of history and Latina and Latino studies at Northwestern University Greg Swenson Chair of Republicans Overseas and Founding Partner Brigg Macadam Noah Millman Political columnist at The Week, film and theater critic at Modern Age, and writer and editor of Gideon’s Substack Sarah Baxter US Journalist and former deputy editor of the Sunday Times


The Attack: How secure is American democracy?

This is a digital-only ThinkIn.Join us for a special ThinkIn, in partnership with The Washington Post, almost 11 months after the storming of the Capitol. Together with their senior team, we will look back and forward to explore the red flags missed; the consequences of Trump’s inaction and the fallout which is reshaping American democracy. Unavoidably, it will also be a conversation about Biden’s prospects, in anticipation of the midterms in 2022 and what looks to be a likely loss of control from the Democrats on Capitol Hill. editor and invited experts David TaylorEditor Aaron DavisInvestigative reporter at The Washington Post Amy GardnerNational political reporter at The Washington Post Philip RuckerSenior Washington Correspondent at The Washington Post Rosalind HeldermanPolitical enterprise and investigations reporter at The Washington Post


Class, sexism and surviving Trump’s White House: A ThinkIn with Fiona Hill

This is a digital-only ThinkIn.Fiona Hill emerged as a feminist hero as a witness in the impeachment of President Trump. Her grace under pressure won her millions of admirers – and her broad North-East accent alerted the world to her journey from County Durham poverty to the centre of Washington power. Her story is about Trump and Putin, but mostly it is about class, social mobility, sexism, the rise of populism –  in the UK, US and Russia – and what to do about it. Join us for a vital conversation. editor David TaylorEditor and reporter


What is America for now?

This is a digital only ThinkIn. President Biden’s response to the resurgence of the Taliban following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has left many people wondering what happened to America’s role as the international community’s moral authority. Still raw from four years of the Trump administration, American society remains deeply divided, economically, racially and ideologically. Many American people and institutions are confronting painful truths, being forced to let go of old beliefs and values that have sustained them for decades. As American politicians confront the unedifying reality of balancing domestic public opinion against long-term geopolitical implications and an immediate humanitarian crisis, what is the point of America now? Can the American people, and the nation as a whole, come to terms with its various crises and begin to work towards redemption, and renewal?  Pre-order Anne Marie-Slaughter’s book, Renewal: From Crisis to Transformation in Our Lives, Work, and Politics.   editor and invited experts David TaylorEditor & Partner, Tortoise Alec RossAmerican technology policy expert who was Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the duration of her term as Secretary of State Anne-Marie Slaughter The first woman to serve as director of policy planning for the United States Department of State under the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is professor Emerita of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University