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Friend of Tortoise Exclusive

Can our microbiome save us? A ThinkIn with Dr James Kinross

Can our microbiome save us? A ThinkIn with Dr James Kinross

This event is exclusive to Friends of Tortoise

This is a newsroom ThinkIn. In-person and digital-only tickets are available.

How well do you know your gut? You may have seen the word probiotics on your food, or possibly seen recipes to help your gut health with the three K’s: Kombucha, Kefir and Kimchi. But if your life depended on it, would you eat someone else’s poo? 

In his new book Dark Matter: The New Science of the Microbiome, Dr James Kinross lays bare the mind-boggling world of what lies in our guts: the delicate ecosystem of trillions of microbial life forms that live within us all. Without us even realising, our gut’s unique ecosystem is the missing link in modern medicine and what’s more, is heavily influenced by our environment. 

Though there’s still much about our microbiome we don’t understand, Dr Kinross highlights how learning about our microbiome has the potential to prevent illness, to shape how we think, how we feel and even who we choose as a partner. 

Join us for this ThinkIn to understand how your gut shapes your life, what you can do to make yours better and how protecting our environment could help improve human health. 

editor and invited experts

James Harding
Editor and Founder

Dr James Kinross
Author of ‘Dark Matter’