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Friend of Tortoise Exclusive

Are we alone in the universe?

Are we alone in the universe?

This event is exclusive to Friends of Tortoise

Avi Loeb is a Harvard Professor of astrophysics and cosmology, and he believes we are not alone. In January he wrote for Tortoise, “On October 19 2017, an extremely unusual object was discovered close to Earth – the first interstellar object detected within our solar system. […] I don’t think it’s speculation to imagine that there is microbial life or even another technologically advanced civilisation out there. I don’t think we are unique. I don’t think we are special. I don’t think we are the smartest kid on the block.”

What was that ‘extremely unusual object’ that the science community now calls Oumuamua? How did scientists track and observe it? How do they know it wasn’t a comet, or something else more easily explained? Join us for a close encounter with Professor Loeb to discover his mind-blowing evidence that suggests a ‘technologically advanced civilisation’ is, indeed, out there and, if he’s right, what that could mean for humankind and life on earth?

Buy Professor Loeb’s book Extraterrestrial here.

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editor and invited experts

Giles Whittell
Sensemaker Editor

Avi Loeb
Frank B. Baird Jr Professor of Science, Harvard University

Sarah Cruddas
Space journalist, TV host and author