A ThinkIn with Andrew Cotter, Olive and Mabel

About this ThinkIn

Scottish sports commentator Andrew Cotter became one of the surprise stars of lockdown. Or rather, his dogs did. Olive, the black one and Mabel, the golden one, are now world famous labradors. Unable to commentate live sports events, Andrew took to commentating the lives of his dogs – earning them millions of views on YouTube. All three will join Tortoise for a world-first “PetIn” – to remember some of Olive and Mabel’s greatest hits, and reflect on what our pets have meant to us in a year where company and comfort was in painfully short supply. Please bring your furry, feathered or scaly friends with you (they don’t need to book a ticket) – we’re hoping for lots of ‘ahhhh’ and perhaps a little chaos…

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Merope Mills