Last update: August 21, 2020

ThinkIn code of conduct

ThinkIns are a forum for civilised disagreement. If everybody agreed about everything, there’d be no point in having a ThinkIn. All opinions, even those that are ‘unpopular’, are treated with courtesy and respect. 

Pass the mic. Public speaking is daunting for lots of us. We encourage everyone to share the time fairly, and actively make space for everyone to have their say, especially those who don’t often get the chance to be heard. 

Be honest. Please use your real name on screen. We encourage all members (and invited experts) to contribute honestly and openly, both in person, on screen, or in the Chat. 

Be aware. All contributions – in person, on screen, or in the Chat – are ‘on the record’. ThinkIns are recorded and Chat messages are saved. The best bits may be published in the Tortoise app, website and/or on social media. 

Be civil. Of course, we do not tolerate abusive or offensive language, intimidation or harassment in any form.* 

Not an expert? That’s OK! If you think you don’t know enough to comment, don’t worry. We all feel that way. Your personal anecdotes and reflections are valuable parts of our journalistic process. 

Enjoy yourself. Even when the conversations focus on challenging, difficult or uncomfortable subjects, a ThinkIn should be a welcoming, convivial experience. 

If you have ideas about how we can make ThinkIns a more welcoming environment in which everybody is able to have a say, please let us know. 

*If you experience or witness any behaviour during a ThinkIn that makes you feel uncomfortable, please alert the Chat moderator using the private message function in Zoom, or write to our Members’ Editor in confidence by email on Members and guests who Tortoise believe to behave in an uncivilised way may be removed from the ThinkIn, and in persistent cases, prevented from joining future ThinkIns.