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Tortoise gift box

January sale price: £100 £80 + postage

Tortoise gift box

From start-to-finish, 2020’s been pretty pacey. You’ve probably got plenty of friends and family who want to stay on top of the news but do so with their nerves still intact. Treat them to the ultimate Tortoise gift bundle wrapped in a beautiful yellow box, giving them access to calm, considered journalism which digs beneath the headlines to find out what’s really going on.

The Tortoise gift box includes:

  • Printed gift card unlocking one year of Tortoise membership, worth £100, including unlimited digital ThinkIns, access to our member-only app and our daily Sensemaker email
  • Tortoise Quarterly, Founders Edition: A short book of long reads
  • Tortoise Quarterly, Edition 1: Journeys
  • Tortoise Quarterly, Edition 2: Motherland
  • Tortoise Quarterly, Edition 3: Wonders
  • Festival of ThinkIns Tortoise tote bag
  • 4 Tortoise pencils

Box dimensions:
Width: 259 mm
Length: 259 mm
Height: 33 mm