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Elite embarrassment

26 February 2021
Giles Whittell
  • Joe Biden ordered US air strikes on Iran-backed militia targets in Syria that killed “up to a handful” of people.
  • Shamima Begum was told she can’t return to the UK to appeal the decision to strip her of UK citizenship for joining Isis.
  • Boris Johnson thanked Blackpink, the K-pop girl band with 35 million Instagram followers, for taping a message on the importance of acting against climate change. 

In January, there’s Davos. All year round, there’s McKinsey. If ever one company served as a lightning rod for criticism of – and conspiracy theories about – global elites, it’s the consulting firm with 650 partners, dozens of governments on its client list and more than $10 billion in annual revenues (although as a partnership it doesn’t have to say how much more). 

the pandemic

Everything you need to know about Covid-19

For a year now, one story has dominated the news cycle above all others. We’ve aimed to take the long-view of Covid-19: we’ve investigated the catastrophe of the test and trace system, the crisis in care homes, and the extended after-effects of the disease.

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