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The race is on

15 jANUARY 2021
Giles Whittell and Kim Darrah
  • Bobi Wine claimed victory in Uganda’s historic election after voters in some parts of the country stayed to watch the count after polls closed. President Museveni claimed an early lead; final results are due tomorrow.
  • Xi Jinping used a letter to the founder of Starbucks to call for a reset in US-China trade relations.
  • A new study estimated that more foreign-born residents left Britain last year than in any other year since the Second World War. 

Not just between the virus and the vaccines but between nations desperate for herd immunity. So far the competition seems to take the form of governments striving to do better because of positive headlines from elsewhere (Israel, UK, early hiccups notwithstanding). The risk is that the competition turns into a beggar-thy-neighbour scramble for supply…

The vaccine

Our way out of the coronavirus pandemic has been discovered – but not yet delivered.

Immigration & asylum

As the post-Brexit era begins, what does Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s vision of “global Britain” mean?

Year of the Screen

From Zoom calls to gaming sessions, from Netflix binges to smartphone-led protests, this is how 2020 panned out

Feminism Inc.

The Wing was the perfect haven for professional women – until it wasn’t. Here’s what happens when corporate feminism turns sour.

Halloween 2020

Leaks, delays, mistakes and recrimination. This Halloween, there was nothing scarier than the British government’s handling of the second lockdown

Chinese capitalism

Jack Ma’s fintech company Ant Group was set for one of the biggest stock market launches in history. Then China’s ruling party took offence.

Trans rights

Earlier this year, JK Rowling stepped into one of the fiercest debates of our time – gender and trans rights. Why?

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The pandemic didn’t affect all of Britain equally.

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