Building a guide to the future

Listen to the team behind our pioneering Index explain how they built it, and what it all means


The figures in our Global AI Index are eye-watering. More than 10,000 companies building artificial intelligence established since 2015, attracting private funding in excess of $37 billion. But the Index is more than a rear-view mirror perspective – it is a guide to the near future, too.

The Index reveals the speed of change which could reshape our societies from the ground up, and reveals which countries are most likely to make strides in AI in the coming years because of their commitment to research or investment. It’s fascinating, dynamic – and was phenomenally difficult to put together. So how did the Tortoise Intelligence team do it?

Tortoise editor and co-founder James Harding sat down with Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Luke Gbedemah, Andrew Haynes and Alexi Mostrous who, collectively, researched, built and reported on the Global AI Index – to discuss how they built it, and what it all means.

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