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“Thank you Tortoise for a superb Virtual AI Summit: AI in the Age of Pandemic. It’s been a while since I was so inspired, informed and intrigued by intelligent discussion between hosts, panelist and participants in equal measure. Brilliantly hosted too.”

Ana Jakimovska
May 2020

“Of the many virtual meetings I had so far, this might have been the highlight of my working lockdown so far.”

Kai Hermsen
May 2020

“Loving Tortoise’s lockdown ThinkIns. They have always been about involving members but during lockdown, ironically they are more accessible than ever.”

May 2020

“The Tortoise ThinkIns have been manna from heaven each evening. Has kept me going. Fascinating, thought-provoking speakers and topics underpinned by intellectual rigour.”

John Crowley
April 2020

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