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“Our investors have been mobilising their money to accelerate Net Zero for 10 years, financing the infrastructure and businesses that we need to transition our economy and society away from its dependence on burning carbon. In the face of an increasingly heated political debate it is important that we discuss all aspects of the transition, the positive and the negative outcomes, if we are going to maintain democratic support and the political will to make the changes we need to make as a society to achieve that goal.”

Bruce Davis, Founder & Joint Managing Director, Abundance Investment

“We need to reduce our dependence on carbon. We could do this by giving it a very high price – but not overnight. Businesses need to know the glide path towards a high price, so they can do what they do best: adapt and respond.”

James Robey, Global Head of Environmental Sustainability, Capgemini

“At Buro Happold we recognise that our industry must make strong, sustained change to design and create environments from the building to a regional scale that are sustainable and fair. As engineers and consultants, we are committed to working with clients and partners to better our industry, our cities and our communities.

Together, we must have the courage to effect change and take collective climate action; that is why we have joined the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition.”

James Bruce, CEO, Buro Happold

“The recent ‘code red’ report from the IPCC makes plain the climate emergency. The nature of the challenge means collaboration with individuals and organisations around the world is paramount, which is why we’re excited to join Tortoise’s Accelerating Net Zero Coalition. We look forward to sharing insights from our world-leading open research lab and building optimism around our ability to achieve net zero targets. If we’re able to come together and take bold and immediate climate action, we can deliver a better, greener future for energy.”

Lucy Yu, CEO, Centre for Net Zero

Expert bodies such as the Climate Change Committee and the IPCC are clear that simply reducing carbon emissions will not be enough to avert a global climate crisis. It is the large scale deployment of negative emissions technologies that will remove millions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere and keep temperature rises below 1.5 degrees.

Jonathan Oates, Global Communications and Corporate Affairs Leader, Drax

“Investors, employees and communities are increasingly holding businesses to account over their sustainability credentials, and inaction is simply not an option – sustainability is everybody’s business and we all need to play our part. That’s why I’m delighted we have joined the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition – we’re all on a net zero journey but the only way to decarbonise faster is by collaborating on this universal challenge.”

Rob Doepel, Managing Partner for Sustainability, EY UK&I

“Many of the UK’s 5.9 million small businesses are ambitious to reduce their carbon emissions, but aren’t sure where to start. Others see apocalyptic scenes on the news and the enormity of the challenge facing us and feel disempowered, or that it’s too late to make a difference. We are grateful to join the Accelerating Net Zero Coalition, to bring a new focus first to the achievable steps in energy, transport and waste; and secondly to the government decisions needed at Cop26 so they happen.”

Craig Beaumont, Chief of External Affairs, Federation of Small Businesses

“Our focus this year is on pushing the government to close the gap between targets and action on Net Zero. That’s why we’re delighted to join the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition to collaborate on how to speed up the transition to a nature rich and green economy.”

Sam Alvis, Head of green renewal, Green Alliance

“Our Good Business Charter accreditation recognises organisations that prioritise their responsibility toward the environment and working toward Net Zero. Our members will get there faster the more we share ideas and solutions with like-minded organisations – that is why we are joining the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition.”

Jenny Herrera, CEO, Good Business Foundation

“We know that giant challenges require radical solutions. We’ve seen it in education, and it is true when it comes to sustainability. Rightly, this is an issue that our apprentice community cares deeply about, now more than ever. Through the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition, we’ll empower our apprentices to build their knowledge, and to be part of the solution – driving transformation to the way we all do business.”

Euan Blair, CEO, Multiverse

“With global temperatures on the rise, we need to turn our attention to the most important generation in the fight against climate change: the youth. Young people will be the ones inheriting our planet in years to come, and they are the only ones who hold the key, and the drive, to effectively attain climate justice. As a youth-led and youth-focused organisation, we are proud to be officially committing to net-zero.”

Mete Coban, CEO, My Life My Say

“To get to net zero we need to decarbonise the UK’s homes, and we’ll only achieve this by harnessing the power of innovation across the system. From support for start-ups to new business models and market incentives, we must stimulate rapid change while ensuring the transition is affordable and attractive for all consumers.”

Madeleine Gabriel, A Sustainable Future Mission Director, Nesta

“The science is clear: we are not moving fast enough to stay within the 1.5 degree climate target. The automotive sector is largely to blame. Despite the UK ban on new sales of petrol and diesel cars in 2030 (with most other countries and brands waving even later dates as their magic bullet), we are likely to still have around 350 million fossil fuel cars driving around our streets in 2050 due to the lifetime of modern cars. We must dare to make bolder choices and treat this crisis with an increased sense of urgency. With the exponential development of battery- and electric drivetrain technology, targets should be much harder. There is no time left to waste. Polestar wants to contribute to the exponential growth of solutions that can build a more sustainable society. And we are open to collaborate to make that transformation happen, which is why we’re delighted to join the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition.”

Thomas Ingenlath, CEO, Polestar

“Governments have to be more consistent. We have got to dispel this idea that when a new government comes in it can set different targets and different deadlines, because as a result they have almost without exception been missed. This isn’t just a problem because it creates scepticism among the public. It will also put off investors and lenders in a way we just can’t afford.”

Alison Dolan, CFO, Rightmove

“Property developers have a key role in reducing the carbon emissions of the built environment. Promoting innovation at every stage of operations – for example, helping suppliers swap concrete building frames for timber ones – means we can drive difference. It means Net Zero is real, and not a pipe dream.”

Paul Dunne, Operations Director, SEGRO

“Forty per cent of emission reductions rely on technologies not yet commercially deployed on a mass-market scale. Companies, cities, and countries are reliant on these emerging technologies that will offer the solutions to achieve net zero emissions. This is why it is brilliant to be part of the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition, to collaborate with key industry stakeholders on the path to net zero and to shine a light on the key technologies which need to be scaled to drive down global emissions.”

Sammy Fry, Net Zero Lead, Tech Nation

“We won’t get to Net Zero alone. We need all businesses, governments and civil society to share ideas and solutions to transform the economy at the scale and speed we need  –  that is why we are joining the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition.”

Claire O’Neill, Managing Director, Climate & Energy, WBCSD

We’re not cutting emissions fast enough.

Which is why we launched the Accelerating Net Zero Coalition last year: a group of partners determined to make progress towards net zero. With the help of these businesses we’re hosting solution-focused discussions on how to get there together.