Tortoise is created with and for you, our members.

Our promise to you is to go slow and to be open. That’s what ThinkIns are for – a system of organised listening, a forum for civilised disagreement and the engine of our journalism. We realise that for all this to work, we need as many different voices in the room as possible.

Most quality news brands tend to have a similar demographic profile – somewhat older, often whiter and typically rather more male than the population of the countries in which they’re based. It’s exciting that Tortoise is already different – with 42% of our members aged under 30, for example.

Don’t get us wrong – everyone is welcome at Tortoise. Everyone. But we need to be deliberate about building a newsroom with a wide variety of members. We need to be especially welcoming to people whose lives look and feel different from our own, and different from the lives of the members we already have.

The Tortoise interview. With you

The first step is to really understand who we are today. When we talk about ‘difference’ we don’t just mean a list of tick boxes. We mean all the different things that make you you – not just your age, gender and ethnicity. So we’d like to get to know you better. We’d like to interview you.

We’re interested in your experiences, the things you’ll fight for, the things that make you happy, proud, anxious. We’re interested in your achievements and your potential. We’d love to borrow your expertise, enjoy your talents and know your secret superpowers.

The important bit about what we’ll do with your data

People say this all the time, but at Tortoise we really do care about your privacy. There are some personal questions in this interview. It’s completely up to you if you want to answer them or not. Any information you do choose to share with us will be stored, securely, in our database for as long as you remain a member of Tortoise. If you say it’s OK, we’ll do two things with it.

  • We’ll keep a record of your interests so that we can invite you to contribute to relevant stories and come to ThinkIns that we think you’ll like.
  • We’ll aggregate your answers with everybody else’s to build up a picture of our membership overall – so that we can monitor whether we’re getting the right mix of people to open up journalism.

If you’d prefer to be interviewed by one of the team rather than fill this in online, let us know by emailing and we’ll get back to you to arrange a time

Ready? Then let’s get started.