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Partnership announcement between HenkelX Ventures and The Global AI Index

London, 14 October 2019

Today we are proud to announce the partnership between HenkelX Ventures and the Global AI Index, published by Tortoise Media.

HenkelX Ventures, the new entity formed out of the HenkelX open innovation platform that was founded in February 2018 has added an early stage venture fund to its setup, announced on the 1st of October, 2019. HenkelX’s activities lie in early stage venture investments and collaborative open innovation. The platform is designed to support the world’s most disruptive companies reach their full potential through its platform of unfair advantage.

HenkelX Ventures invests in early stage disruptive technology companies with ambitious founders. The ecosystem of hyperconnected experienced Hˣ mentors, include entrepreneurs & executives from the world’s most successful technology firms, corporates & industrials, that partner with the portfolio companies as they scale to become game changers in the industry. Company building is an integral part of the open innovation activities and pipeline, running POC’s and MVP’s collaboratively with multiple industry stakeholders.

One of the core aspects that has driven exponential growth for HenkelX and its establishment in the marketplace, has been to act as a catalyst for change and industrial transformation through its approach of open collaborative innovation across industry with a strong focus on continental Europe.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the main focus areas of investments and deployment of early stage companies through the HenkelX platform and thus having a deep understanding of how and where capacity for AI innovation is forming is of tremendous value.

Therefore, we are delighted to partner with The Global AI Index, published by Tortoise Media, which will launch on December 3rd in London, bringing together policymakers, academics, investors and industry figures to define and address opportunities; in everything from nurturing AI startups, to developing regulatory and ethical safeguards around the technology.

The Global AI Index is the first index to measure nations on their investment, innovation and implementation capacity in relation to AI. The Index comprises more than 100 indicators, across 10 pillars covering 60 countries; delivering real-time data on AI related activities.

“Through this partnership, HenkelX Ventures will be at the forefront of the latest thinking on AI,” Dr Kress, HenkelX Ventures & Founder HenkelX said. “By combining both HenkelX’s deep reach into the industry and operational ecosystem with the unique analysis offered by the Global AI Index we expect to deliver some of the most impactful and comprehensive thinking in this sector. This represents a further advantage to our ecosystem of industry partners and collaborators and entrepreneurs alike” he added.

Marius Swart, HenkelX Ventures and co-founder HenkelX said: “artificial intelligence is at a tipping point; it is where mobile was 5 years ago. Both large and small enterprises should be thinking about how to deploy it within their organizations.”

HxV’s partnership with Tortoise will allow The Global AI Index to deliver key insights on the industry which will, in turn, inform investments on a national and global basis.

Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Partner, Tortoise Media and Director of Tortoise Intelligence, said: “The response to the Global AI Index has been really exciting. The appetite for reliable data on AI related developments is significant and this is the first index of its kind to map AI capacity on a country by country basis. We have developed unique data sets analysing everything from levels of coding activity and MOOCs through to capital flows.”

“We are proud to have HenkelX Ventures join us as one of our key partners in this endeavour, as they are sitting at the heart of this transformational industry. We are also very excited to Rahmyn Kress join our advisory board alongside some of the industry’s leading thinkers including Paul Clarke, CTO of Ocado; Nigel Toon, CEO of Graphcore and Christine Foster, Managing Director for Innovation, The Alan Turing Institute,” Mousavizadeh added.

About HenkelX Ventures

HenkelX is an open innovation collaboration platform that brings together industry partners through a smart network of open collaboration. Its mission is to unite and accelerate Henkel’s entrepreneurial transformation across three pillars: ecosystem, experience and experimentation (build, measure & learn). A collaborative approach across all industry sectors in order to continuously improve the customer and business partner relationships and the consumer experience, by developing new business models, to accelerate and innovate collectively driving industrial digital transformation.