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Upcoming events

Do national strategies for artificial intelligence really work

29th September, 14:15–15:30 BST

In the past five years, the nations of the world have produced dozens of strategy documents concerned with developing, governing and benefitting from AI. What have these high-level strategies shown us about the relationship between AI and government? And do they appear to be working?

Featuring Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer under President Obama; Stuart Russell, Professor Computer Science at the University of of California; and Prince Zeid Raad Al Hussein, former United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights

China & AI: What Does China Want?

27th October, 14:30–16:00 BST

The race between the US and China on AI has been a talking-point for years, but its actual strength is rarely calculated with much accuracy. As nations are grappling with looming largest recession in many decades is China able to maintain its focus on AI leadership


  • Rana Mitter, Professor of History and Politics of Modern China, University of Oxford
  • Azeem Azhar, award-winning product entrepreneur and the curator of Exponential View
    Chaired by

  • Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Director of Tortoise Intelligence and Partners
  • Alexi Mostrous, Editor and Partner, Tortoise

How will the AI talent pool perform in a world changed by the pandemic?

24th November, 14:30–16:00 BST

Much collaboration on technological development has relied on the flow across borders of students and experts. With travel and visa restrictions in place in most countries how will this change the way in which talent develops in the future?

AI Network dinner

2nd December
London (Covid-19 permitting)

Advisory panel

Azeem Azhar

Senior Advisor on Artificial Intelligence for Accenture; founder of The Exponential View. Investor across the AI sector

Zeid Raad Al Hussein

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Casper Klynge

Tech Ambassador of Denmark

Tabitha Goldstaub

Co-Founder of CognitionX and Chair of the UK Government’s AI Council

Paul Clarke

CTO of Ocado

Sana Khareghani

Head of UK Government’s Office for AI

Chris Wigley

CEO of Genomics England

Tim Gordon

Founder of Best Practice AI

Amel Karboul

CEO of the Education Outcomes Fund and former Minister of Tourism, Tunisia

Jen Riis Andersen

Partner at McKinsey & Company

Ajit Jaokar

Director of Data Science for Internet of Things at the University of Oxford

Jaan Tallinn

Founder of Skype and Co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge

Jim Snabe

Chairman of Siemens

Saul Klein

Co-founder, LocalGlobe

 Nigel Toon

CEO of Graphcore

Michael Chui

Partner at McKinsey & Company

Matt Clifford

Co-Founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First

Christine Foster

Managing Director for Innovation, The Alan Turing Institute

Manuel Muñiz

Dean of the School of Global and Public Affairs, IE University

Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt

Chairman, Donkey Republic; CEO, Casalbi

Kenneth Cukier

Senior Editor, The Economist

Dr Diego Rubio

Executive Director of IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change

Dr Adrian Weller

Programme Director for Artificial Intelligence at The Turing Institute

Doug Brown

Chief Data Scientist and Partner of Capita Consulting

Rahmyn Kress

Founder & CEO, Human Capital Network

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