The Global AI Index

The first index to benchmark countries on both the innovation and implementation of artificial intelligence.

The impact of AI

Artificial intelligence technologies are being rapidly created, and commercialised. These technologies are poised to transform the way we work, learn and live. It will be a transformation that affects every area of social and economic life. Trust, regulation, and democracy itself will all need to adapt to the accelerating development and adoption of artificial intelligence.
How do we assess a nation on its preparedness for this fundamental shift?

Our approach

The Index will comprise 10 pillars and 100 indicators covering areas such as talent, investment, research, innovation, operating environment and more — and it will be the first to draw in data using machine-learning based collection methods which will produce a unique set of indicators across all categories. Thereby the index is offering new insights into activity driving AI development and its deployment in real-time. 

Our advisors

Our advisory board is comprised of renowned experts from a range of industries, academia, and government; they will inform and validate our methodology and data collection methods.

Azeem Azhar

Senior Advisor on Artificial Intelligence for Accenture; founder of The Exponential View. Investor across the AI sector

Zeid Raad Al Hussein

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Caspar Klynge

Tech Ambassador of Denmark

Elonnai Hickok

COO at The Centre for Internet and Society

Tabitha Goldstaub

Co-Founder of CognitionX and Chair of the UK Government’s AI Council

Paul Clarke

CTO of Ocado

Sana Khareghani

Head of UK Government’s Office for AI

Chris Wigley

COO of QuantumBlack

Tim Gordon

Founder of Best Practice AI

Amel Karboul

CEO and Founder of Change, Leadership and Partnership

Jens Riis Andersen

Partner at McKinsey & Company

Ajit Jaokar

Director of Data Science for Internet of Things at the University of Oxford

Jaan Tallinn

Founder of Skype and Co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge

Jim Snabe

Chairman of Siemens

Saul Klein

Co-founder, LocalGlobe

Nigel Toon

CEO of Graphcore

Michael Chui

Partner at McKinsey & Company

Matt Clifford

Co-Founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First

Commentary & insight

We will report on the results of the Index through regular pieces of analysis, data visualisations, and a series of AI ThinkIns hosted in our newsroom.

Here are some of our latest stories & events.

A roadmap for policy makers

The Index is a roadmap for policy on AI, and a tool for governments as they are setting and updating their national AI strategies.