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Recent issues

30 June 2020

There are now over 160 AI ethics frameworks and guidelines across the world. In case you didn’t fancy reading 4,000 pages on tech ethics yourself, we dived in to see what they hold.

Plus: we caught up with Fabrizio Hochschild, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General; and Tom Fletcher, the author of the Naked Diplomat, who spelt out exactly what can go wrong when you put a bunch of tech leaders in the same room as government officials; and put the spotlight on Germany, the country with some of the most active coders, according to our analysis of Github data.

28 May 2020

We unpack the major ideas and outcomes from the Tortoise AI Summit, offering a digest of the key themes that emerged. Plus: we look at the current landscape of AI-driven medtech, asking which countries are providing favourable conditions for investment and innovation in the sector during the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve also investigated the number of AI-driven startups in medtech by country.

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