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Tuesday 17 May 2022, 9.30am – 6:15pm BST

The Responsible AI Forum at Waddesdon 2022

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The Forum is an invitation-only event for senior industry leaders. If you are interested to attend or learn more about our Forums please do get in touch


We meet at Waddesdon this year at a time of great AI acceleration, posing urgent questions: Can AI help us reduce harm and conserve resources, or will it speed up consumption that’s already in overdrive? Do cryptocurrencies and “smart money” stand to benefit us all, or drive more wealth into the hands of a few? Will algorithmic decision-making ever be properly explainable, and who needs to be satisfied by the outcome of regulation? 

Since the launch of the Tortoise Global AI Index in December 2019, we are keen to understand what these accelerations mean going forward; and what needs to happen to address them.

The Responsible AI forum is designed to be the space where these questions can be discussed in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. By convening people with a depth of expertise – policymakers, engineers, academics, founders, chief executives, investors and AI officers – through our AI Network, we hope to set out an agenda for the development, deployment and communication of AI as a responsible technology for society and government. 

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Tortoise is building a different kind of newsroom. We’re opening up journalism and giving everyone a seat at the table. The ThinkIn is the heart of what we do. It’s a forum for civilised disagreement where our members take part in live, unscripted conversations that shape the way we report the world.


Tuesday 17 May 2022 • 9.30am – 6:15pm BST

Session 1 of 11

9.30am – 9.45am BST

Welcome from Lord Rothschild

Speaker: Lord Rothschild, Chair of the Rothschild Foundation and Hannah Rothschild 

Editors: Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Head of Tortoise Intelligence, James Harding, Co-Founder, Tortoise Media, Siraj Khaliq, Investment Partner, Atomico

Session 2 of 11

9.45am – 10.20am BST

Opening Keynote: Masayoshi Son on the AI Revolution, Aiming High

Speaker: Masayoshi Son, Chief Executive Officer, SoftBank

Editor: James Harding, Co-Founder, Tortoise Media

Session 3 of 11

10.30am – 11.00am BST

AI during wartime: has 2022 remade the rules on artificial intelligence?

The invasion of Ukraine has changed the world. It has also brought the role of technology in conflict into razor sharp focus. From cyber-offensives and hacking, to autonomous weapons systems and unmanned drones, the war in Ukraine is posing questions about how technology can, and should, be used not only to wage war, but also to preserve peace. 

Author Image

Speaker: Alex Bornyakov, The Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine on IT industry development

Author Image

Editor: Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Head of Tortoise Intelligence, Tortoise Media

Session 4 of 11

11.30am – 12.15pm BST

The future of AI

Interview: Time for a grand redesign?

Stuart Russell, Prof. Computer Science, UC Berkeley

How to implement AI Responsibly

Speakers: Ray Eitel-Porter, Global Lead for Responsible AI, Accenture

Author Image

Editor: Luke Gbedemah, Reporter, Tortoise Media

Session 5 of 11

12.15pm – 1.00pm BST

Interview: Kai-Fu Lee, CEO, Sinovation Ventures 

Speakers: Kai-Fu Lee, CEO, Sinovation Ventures

Editor: James Harding, Editor and Co-Founder, Tortoise Media

Session 6 of 11

2:00pm – 2.45pm BST

The New Guard: who will make sure companies can be trusted with AI?

As the adoption of artificial intelligence accelerates, a new guard of professionals are taking on the challenge of auditing, assessing and accrediting development. This process is vital to ensuring well-placed trust in the system. Who is the new guard? Are there enough of them? And how do we drive best practices in all organisations developing AI?

Speakers: Kate Platonova, Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer, HSBC, Liz Grennan, Expert Associate Partner, McKinsey, Patrick Hall, Principal ScientistPrincipal Scientist, bnh.ai, Sana Khareghani, Chief Strategy Officer, EscherCloud and Former Head of UK Government’s Office for AI

Editor: Alexi Mostrous, Investigations Editor, Tortoise Media

Session 7 of 11

2.45pm – 3.30pm BST

Capital ideas: what are deep tech investor priorities now?

Vision and speech, prediction and autonomy; artificial intelligence is demonstrating capabilities that are truly disruptive. Across all industries, we’ve seen the continued potential for AI to bring about the next big transformation. VCs continue to invest heavily in the AI giants of tomorrow. How should they be thinking about success at all investment levels, and what trends should they be most excited about?

Speakers: Ed Stacey, Managing Partner, IQ Capital, Matt Ocko, Managing Partner, DCVC, Klaus Hommels, Founder & Chairman, Lakestar, Siraj Khaliq, Partner, Atomico

Editor: Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Head of Tortoise Intelligence

Session 8 of 11

4.00pm – 5.00pm BST

AI Now! A series of three conversations

On democratising access to AI and what can AI actually do with

Author Image

Speaker: Swami Sivasubramanian, VP, Database, Analytics and ML at AWS 

On the future of data with

Author Image

Speaker: Alexandr Wang, CEO, Scale AI

On the future of quantum with

Author Image

Speaker: Ilyas Khan, CEO, CambridgeQuantum

Author Image

Editor: James Harding, Editor and Co-Founder, Tortoise Media

Session 9 of 11

5.00pm – 5.45pm BST

Is the black box a myth or a monster?

Is the use of ML accelerating beyond our ability to monitor it? Machine learning is becoming more and more integrated into the world economy. As the power of models to make predictions and infer human behaviour increases, our ability to account for the function of complex algorithms is waning. How can we remain accountable for the development and deployment of ML? And is monitoring models with so many parameters an impossibility? 

Speakers: Ash Booth, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Markets & Securities Services, HSBC, Martina King, CEO, FeatureSpace, Jacomo Corbo, co-founder and chief scientist, QuantumBlack,

Editor: Alexi Mostrous, Investigations Reporter, Tortoise Media

Session 10 of 11

5.45pm – 6.15pm BST

The geo-politics of chips: competition for semiconductor supremacy

Chip shortages have had a widespread impact on the world’s digital economy. A surge in demand during the pandemic, coupled with disruption to global supply chains has put semiconductor manufacturing companies at the heart of a major geopolitical tension. China’s emergence as a challenger to the United States pre-eminence in chip production is just part of the story. Which other nations can become self-sufficient when it comes to semiconductor and chip production? Europe is cranking up financial incentives, Singapore subsidises the production of computer-chips by more than 25 per cent. Taiwan’s government foots almost half of the bill. Where is the market headed, and what impact will it have on global capacity to develop and deploy artificial intelligence?

Speaker: Keith Strier, VP global AI Initiatives, Nvidia, Michael Kratsios, Managing Director, ScaleAI & 4th Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Nigel Toon, CEO, Graphcore

Editor: Luke Gbedemah, Reporter, Tortoise Media

The forum leadership

Hosted by

Lord Rothschild

Rothschild Foundation

Chairman of RIT Capital Partners plc, one of the largest investment trusts quoted on the London Stock Exchange, and Chairman of J Rothschild Capital Management.

James Harding

Co-founder and Editor, Tortoise Media

Former Director of News and Current Affairs at the BBC. Prior to this, he was the Editor of The Times from 2007-2012.

Alexandra Mousavizadeh

Director of Tortoise Intelligence

Creator of the Global AI Index and Responsibility100 Index. Co-founder of The Global Disinformation Index. Former Managing Director of the Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index.

Advisory board