A Tortoise File

The Vaccine

Our way out of the coronavirus pandemic has been discovered – but not yet delivered.

Why this story?

The vaccine. Or rather, the vaccines. They are a scientific miracle, discovered in extra-quick time to rescue us from this terrible pandemic. But they could also be a political mess, delivered sporadically because of decisions taken – or not taken – over recent weeks and months.

For this File, Matthew d’Ancona continues his series of audio essays on Boris Johnson’s government during the year of coronavirus. What emerges is a patchwork of things that were done well and things that were done disastrously. As we all sit here, waiting for the latest lockdown to end, the former are scant consolation – while the latter could prolong our agony. Peter Hoskin, editor



First published
Monday 11 January 2021

Last updated
Wednesday 13 January 2021