I’m a member. How do I find my access code?

If you use the Tortoise app to book ThinkIns, then your access code should be automatically applied. However, if for some reason that doesn’t work, here’s how you can find your code for booking a members-only ThinkIn.

Sign in to the Tortoise app. Go to My Tortoise and click on “My Membership”:

You’ll find your access code for Eventbrite listed under ThinkIn booking code:


Can I join a ThinkIn if I’m not a member?

Most of our ThinkIns are for members only. The easiest way to become a member is to download our app, and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

How can I watch a ThinkIn in the app?

You need to be logged in as a member to watch ThinkIns live or on-demand. To watch live in the app or website, head to the ThinkIns tab at the time the ThinkIn is due to start. Click the image at the top of the page to see a live stream of the conversation happening in our newsroom. To watch a ThinkIn after its ended, choose ‘catch up’ in the ThinkIn tab and scroll down to find the ThinkIn you’re looking for. 

How can I nominate a topic of discussion for a ThinkIn?

We’d love to hear your ideas for potential future ThinkIn topics, and people who’d make good expert speakers and contributors. Please email stephanie@tortoisemedia.com with your suggestions.

What do I get if I become a member?

Founding Membership includes 20 ThinkIn tickets per year, access to all our digital journalism in the Tortoise app, and copies of Tortoise Quarterly in glorious, old-fashioned print four times a year. The u30 and ‘Friends and Family’ membership includes 10 ThinkIn tickets a year and Tortoise Quarterly as an e-book instead of in print, for each member. Subscribers (paying £9.99 a month or £99.99 a year via the App Store) get access to our digital journalism in the Tortoise app only. 

How much does it cost to join Tortoise?

A year’s full membership (live, digital and print) will usually be £250. At the moment, you can become a founding member for two years for £250. That’s just £2.50 a week. We also offer a live and digital annual membership for £1 a week (or £50 a year) to people aged under 30 or if you join in a group of five.

If you’re not ready to become a member but would like to have access to our digital journalism only, download the Tortoise app (for iOS from the App Store) and subscribe for £9.99 a month or £99.99 a year.

Do you offer concessionary pricing?

Yes. It is £50 per year for u30s and for groups of 5 or more on our ‘Friends and Family’ membership. We also offer special membership experiences for bigger groups and companies. If you would like more information on bespoke group memberships, please get in touch at memberhelp@tortoisemedia.com.

You may also be eligible to receive a complimentary membership, funded by our Supporter partners, through the Tortoise Network. Through our Connecting partners, the Network distributes Tortoise memberships to people on low incomes and/or working for change on the frontlines in their local communities. You can apply to receive a funded membership as an individual if you write to us at networkapplication@tortoisemedia.com. Find out more about how the Tortoise Network works here.