The ThinkIn is the engine of open journalism. And it’s open to you.

Tortoise ThinkIns are live, unscripted conversations where we harness the diverse experience and expertise of our members to shape the way we see the world. Members and guests can join the conversation in person – both in our newsroom and at venues across the UK – or watch live online. We’ll soon host our first ThinkIns in cities across Europe and in New York.

Coming to a ThinkIn is the best way to experience what Tortoise is all about. We’d love to see you.


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How a ThinkIn works

1. Tortoise Notes

We’ll brief you in advance. Tortoise Notes are a short primer on the topic designed to stimulate and inform.

2. The ThinkIn

We’ll spark the conversation with a handful of experts, then it’s over to you. Speak up and hold forth or sit back and listen.

3. The Readout

The Tortoise take; our concise point of view, shaped by the discussion in the room. It’s often a springboard for further thought.

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The Nuclear Option

Wednesday 27 March, 18:00–19:15

Fora – Fitzrovia, 16–19 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DY

Nuclear energy is clean and reliable, but still fraught. The initial investment is too big for the private sector alone. When China steps in, governments worry about security. The latest French designs for big reactors are unproven. Small ones are over-hyped, and no one has properly resolved what to do with nuclear waste. Whatever happened to the white heat of the technological revolution?

Snowflakes and gammons: what the generations get wrong

Wednesday 10 April, 18:00–19:15

Fora – Fitzrovia, 16–19 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DY

The supposedly easily-offended young are often pitched against the PC-gone-mad older generation. Are they miles apart – or just misunderstood?

The big question

Monday 29 April, 18:00–19:15

Fora – Fitzrovia, 16–19 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DY

Mondays in the Tortoise newsroom get lively. These ThinkIns are the heart of our editorial planning for the weeks ahead. It’s when we discuss what’s happening right now in the world and ask you to help us filter what matters. Come and tell us what you think, what you know, and what you want us to do about it. Together, we’ll figure out how to get to grips with the world around us.


Andrew Smyth

This is exciting and necessary. “We don’t do breaking news, but what’s driving the news. Not the news as it happens, but when it’s ready.” I’ve pledged @Tortoise

Sophie Bagshott

Hadn’t known what to expect but found myself really enjoying tonight’s @Tortoise ThinkIn on use of tech – purposeful & insightful conversation that was open to all equally. In a nutshell: I’m a big fan.

Asad Dhunna

Went to my first @Tortoise ThinkIn today and it was absolutely sublime. Just signed up as a Founding Member. It really is the future of journalism.

Lucinda Day

Went to my first @Tortoise ThinkIn last night on gender. A really fun eve – full of lively comment & a totally inclusive atmosphere. Not at all like a traditional panel event.