Book a ThinkIn

Tortoise is building a different kind of newsroom in which everyone gets a seat at the table. The ThinkIns are live, unscripted news conferences – a forum for civilised disagreement.

Until 14 January 2019 when Tortoise goes live in beta, the ThinkIns are open to everybody – whether you’re a founding member or not. We’d love to see you. Come along and tell us what you think.

How a ThinkIn works

The topics are chosen by our team and suggestions by our members. We’ll put together a group of experts to get the discussion up and running on the night, but we open the floor to everybody.



Don’t worry if you think you don’t know enough to comment – we all feel that way.

1. We prepare Tortoise Notes for every ThinkIn and send it to everybody in advance. It’s an ‘all you need to know’ guide to the subject we’re discussing, whether it’s cryptocurrencies or the Marvel movie franchises, the state of racism or the rise of veganism.

2. We draw on the energy, enthusiasm and experience of everybody in the room to sift through what we know and come to a clear, concise point of view.

3. And when the conversation is done, we don’t drift off. We provide the ReadOut – our point of view, informed by what we’ve heard, to everybody who’s been. Often, if we feel we’ve unearthed something in the course of our discussion, or scratched the surface of a new aspect to consider, we’ll explore these in more depth.