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Trinity Rodman’s role model

Trinity Rodman’s role model


Trinity Rodman is setting her own precedents in the US Women’s Soccer League, but her role model isn’t who you might think.

Trinity Rodman is an American professional soccer player for the Washington Spirit. And although she’s only 19 years old, she’s already making a huge name for herself. 

In the last 12 months, she’s become the youngest player ever to be drafted into the National Women’s Soccer League. 

That’s because most players complete two or three years of study before they become available to professional teams for selection.

“My heart and my drive was just through the roof. And I think that just of feeling kind of stuck in a way with this whole situation, I was just kinda like the sooner we can get to a higher level, the better and I think starting just having young players go sooner I think is a great thing because it gives younger players the opportunity to learn faster and to become a better player.”


That decision has already paid off. Trinity Rodman has improved on her initial deal by signing a new contract with the Washington team, which means she will earn $1.1 million over the next four years. 

It makes her the highest paid women’s footballer in the history of the league. 

She’s making strides at international level too. In February, she made her debut for the star-studded US Women’s National Team. 

There’s no doubt that Trinity Rodman has a very special talent. 

She also just happens to have a very famous father.

Dennis Rodman is recognised as one of the best ever basketball players in NBA history. His list of career achievements has its own separate Wikipedia page. 

He won five NBA titles during his career and led the league in rebounds per game for a record seven consecutive years. 

Dennis Rodman is also a flamboyant figure, famous for high-profile outlandish behaviour.

He’s dated Madonna, he wore a wedding dress to his book launch and he befriended North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un after visiting him in 2013.

His popularity has been resurrected recently, thanks to the Last Dance, which documented the Chicago Bulls team of the 1990s.

“On the doc they said that there was a three year period when you was more popular than Michael Jordan. Do you believe that?”

“Michael Jordan said that, right? He said that.”

“I don’t think he said that on the doc.”

“Well, he said it somewhere.”


“I was.”


“Yeah, pretty much. Yeah.”

“Yeah, nobody was doing what you were doing.”

“Nobody was doing what I was doing and I think Michael Jordan you know…and I don’t think he really cared because Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan…”

Breakfast Club Power

Trinity Rodman is asked constant questions about her father. Yet Dennis Rodman’s own personal struggles meant he was absent for long periods of her life. 

She isn’t shy about downplaying their relationship.

“You must have watched the Last Dance with everybody else. What was that like for you?”

“Erm I…to be honest I didn’t watch that much of it because when I did put it on I fell asleep…”


Trinity Rodman agrees that it’s likely she got her athleticism from her father. 

“It’s undeniable to see the similarities we have just the aggressiveness we have on the field, the drive, the craziness sometimes…”


But despite those similarities, Trinity Rodman says she wants to separate her legacy from her father’s, to create her own story in her own sport. 

And you can see why, when – at the age of just 19 – she has already achieved so much and has been singled out for her maturity.

“Three words I would [use to] describe myself would be outgoing, selfless and driven.” 


Trinity Rodman actually attributes much of her success to her mother – Michelle Moyer – not her father.

She says she’s been her “support system”, “best friend” and her “rock.” 

It was her mum that took her to soccer practice from the age of four.

“There’s so much upside, you’ve just become a professional…I gotta know, where do I get a team Trin hat? Mom’s got it on in the background!”

National Women’s Soccer League

Trinity Rodman says her mum is competitive, driven and is an extremely strong woman.

So maybe her example shows that even when your father is one of the most famous – or infamous – American athletes of all time, it’s showing up consistently that’s the important thing when it comes to being a role model. 

Especially when they want to become an elite athlete themselves.

Trinity Rodman has a bright future ahead of her. Not because her father Dennis has paved the way. But because her mum has been by her side the whole time.

Today’s story was written by Chloe Beresford and produced by Hannah Varrall.