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Episode 6

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde


In the final episode of Hoaxed, Alexi confronts Abraham and Ella about what they did in Hampstead – and why. And the police give Alexi some surprising news


Alexi Mostrous, narrating: Just a quick note before we start, the following episode contains descriptions of domestic violence, physical abuse of children, and some offensive and anti-semitic language

Abraham Christie: Hello, Salamu Alaykum

Alexi Mostrous: Oh, hello? Is that Abraham Christie?

Abrahm Christie: Hello? 

Alexi: Hello? Is that Abraham Christie? 

Abrahm: Yeah.

Alexi: Hi. Um, hi, I’m a journalist from London. Um, and we’re investigating what happened in Hampstead in 2014. 

Alexi, narrating: In September, nine months after I first started investigating this story, I give Abraham Christie a call. 

Alexi: I’m sorry to call you out of the blue. I wondered, do you have a second to talk?

Abraham: Um, who do you represent?

Alexi: I represent a company called Tortoise Media. 

Abraham: Ughh, I’m not sure if I can just do a cold call like this. I don’t know you, you just called me out of the blue. 

Alexi, narrating: If you think of what happened in Morocco in the summer of 2014, when Ella’s children first made their horrific allegations, as a crime, then there are really only two witnesses.

One is the children’s mother, Ella Draper.

The other is her boyfriend, Abraham Christie.

I’d already spoken to Ella. Now it was time to speak to him. 

And look, I knew Abraham was an agent of chaos, someone who enjoys causing disruption, someone who can easily flip between the rational and the conspiratorial.

So when I called him, I figured there was going to be a lot of bullshit. 

Alexi: I just wanted to know as a kind of baseline, do you still believe what the kids said in 2014? 

Abraham: Okay. Number one, we don’t use the term kids. Kids is more, its word magic, kids are sacrificial goats, so we say children, I’m just sharing that with you for your information. Do I believe what the children told me? Yes, I do. I do believe what the children told me. I believe that they, I know they lied. For example, they attempted to convince me that the flesh of the white children that was sacrificed and the flesh of the black children, that it tasted the same.

Alexi, narrating: I told you, right? A lot of bullshit. 

But I know this is the first, and probably the last time, that I’ll get Abraham on the phone. 

The only time, I think, that anyone, any journalist, let alone any police officer, has confronted him about what happened in Hampstead eight years ago. 

And my challenge was to penetrate his paranoia and try to get to the truth. 

Alexi: I really kinda wanna know. I want to know why, I want to know why you did it.

Alexi, narrating: From Tortoise, I’m Alexi Mostrous and this is Hoaxed, Episode 6, the Final Instalment: Bonnie and Clyde.

Abraham Christie doesn’t just believe in the Hampstead Hoax. 

He’s a full fat, all guns blazing kind of conspiracy theorist. 

To him, every public figure is corrupt, every institution infiltrated.

Abraham: When I say a Pedo Sodomite Death Cult, the Boy Scouts, the Boy  Scouts is a Pedo Sodomite Death Cult, the Roman Catholic Church, the Military, the Police Force, the Educational System is run on the same lines. 

Alexi, narrating: His central argument is: you’d see the truth too, if you only opened your eyes. 

Abraham: The Royal courts are just, they’re run by masons, freemasons and Talmudic Jews. 

Alexi, narrating: Listening to Abraham feels like putting my head in a beehive, a constant aggressive noise. But actually, what he’s saying, it has a lineage, a context. 

And to understand it, I need to take a step back. 

You see, traditional conspiracy theories, like the Salem Witch Trials or the hysteria in the 1990s known as the Satanic Panic, tended to target people without much power. 

Poor women accused of being witches, nursery teachers slandered as Satanists. 

Whereas Abraham’s ranting represents something different. 

He doesn’t just pick on marginalised members of society. He thinks the whole damn system is corrupt.

Abraham: I’ll tell you who else is involved. Tony Blair is involved in the fraud. Who else is involved? Prince Andrew, Peter, he involved in the Hampstead coverup because his fraud….

Alexi, narrating: Abraham’s belief in an all encompassing conspiracy is actually quite a modern phenomenon, something that really emerged in the second decade of the new millennium.

These new conspiracies take classic tropes like antisemitism and Satanic Ritual Abuse and splice them together with more modern fears about a powerful elite controlling all of our lives. 

To Abraham, Satanism is only part of the story.

Abraham: Because it’s all, it’s all connected. Um, yeah, they’re all connected. So it’s freemasons, you see the satanic aspect as it were, is merely one facet is merely one facet of the overall cult situation.

Alexi: This all reminds me a bit of the evil dinosaur in Jurassic World, the one which was genetically modified to include the most lethal parts of other, less powerful dinosaurs.

And the beating heart of these new genetically modified conspiracies, is the idea that organised child abuse exists at the highest levels. 

David Aronovitch: We know from the QAnon phenomenon that the notion of the ritual abuse and slaughter of children has somehow become a major part of the conspiracist mindset. It’s a very peculiar thing, and I wouldn’t have predicted it 10 years ago, in fact, I would’ve bet against it. 

Alexi, narrating: To gain some insight into Abraham’s ramblings, I paid a visit to the Hampstead home of David Aronovitch, a broadcaster and columnist who wrote a book called Voodoo Histories.

David: I’ve always been interested in why people believe the strange things that they do. Um, not least because I came from a household full of communists who, amongst other things, kind of believe the Russian version of events at one stage in their lives.

The notion that the animating elite, the conspirator elite are so wicked that not only do they want to control the world, but they actually want to do the worst thing you can possibly imagine. And the worst thing that modern society can possibly imagine is massive and violent and sexual abuse of children.

So the whole kind of thing mixes child abuse, horrible child abuse with the idea of the conspiracy.   

Alexi, narrating: So by 2014, when Hampstead emerged, there was this new wave of master conspiracy theories, combining multiple smaller conspiracies, with child abuse right at the core.

And in the UK, believers were given an almighty boost by a single figure who seemed to vindicate everything they were saying.

A name that Abraham and every other conspiracy theorist I spoke to kept bringing up.

Conspiracy Theorist: Jimmy Savile

Conspiracy Theorist 2: Jimmy Savile

Conspiracy Theorist 3: Prolific sex abuser, Jimmy Savile

Abraham: Jimmy Savile and Ricky *** were both coal miners in Rotherham. 

Alexi, narrating: Jimmy Savile. 

Paul Joseph Watson: The former children’s entertainer with powerful friends in the British establishment who was exposed as a paedophile after his death.

Also alleged his involvement in occult rituals.

Wong: And since the exposure of Jimmy Saville, more and more interest has been revived in this subject of SRA and of coverups 

Sabine: I don’t know whether Greece has been reached by this story, of this terrible Jimmy Saville, who is not alive anymore, but he has made at least the topic of child sexual abuse topical. That and how he was even part of a Satanic Ring.

Quaintance: This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Hampstead, as it pertains to paedophiles in Satanic Ritual, the name Jimmy Savile comes up. 

Alexi, narrating: In late 2012 the news broke that Jimmy Savile, a DJ and television presenter, knighted by the Queen and famous across Britain, had abused dozens, if not 100s of children.

Savile had died the previous year, before any of this came out, and so he never had to face accusations that he was a serial sex predator. 

What was even worse, was that people in positions of power had covered up Savile’s abuse, and had ignored his victims. 

To anyone already minded to believe in conspiracy theories, in coverups, in nightmares.

Savile was the proof they needed. 

Wedger: Jimmy Savile was a victory. That was a victory for anyone who doesn’t believe in higher conspiracies.

Alexi, narrating: The Savile case became a lodestar for members of Conspiracy Inc, for people like Jon Wedger, the former police officer who is a major spreader of the Hampstead Hoax. 

Wedger: I think there is no way they can ever, ever hide behind fact, oh, it’s just a conspiracy.

No, this man, bang, you’ve got him. You’ve not only got child abuse. You’ve got all his friends in higher places, got necrophilia and you’ve got devil worship. You’ve got it in one bundle. 

Alexi, narrating: Savile had everything, child abuse, elite coverups, Satanism. 

And the case happened just as social media usage was beginning to rocket. 

By 2014 when Hampstead happened, 1.5 billion people used FaceBook, and at that point the platforms were doing very little to prevent illegal content from being shared. 

So by the time Abraham Christie met Ella Draper, the embers of a conspiracy were smouldering just beneath the surface, waiting for someone to stoke the fire again. 


When we talk, I feel like Abraham doesn’t want to discuss Hampstead, that he wants to control our conversation.

He likes talking about his pet subjects, like the health qualities of cannabis. 

And he tries to unsettle me, by asking if I’m gay.

Abraham: Are you homosexual Alexis? Have you slept with a man before Alexis?

Alexi, narrating: Or by making a dig at the fact that I’m half Greek.

Abraham: The Greeks are, they’re known for sodomy. They call it doing it, Greek style, anal sex.

Alexi, narrating: But I know I need to press him on some of the questions I’ve been desperate to ask, I’ve got a list and I’m crossing them off as I go. 

Alexi: I just wanted to know what, ultimately, if the judge was right and you did make the kids lie by physically and psychologically abusing them. I really kinda wanna know, I want to know why. I want to know why you did it.

Abraham: For you to give that for you even to give that even a smidgen of credence. I can’t trust you. You’re clearly labouring, you clearly haven’t got a clue, Alexis. I’m sorry. 

Alexi: I’m just going off what a trained judge and….

Abraham: You haven’t got a clue young man. You haven’t got a clue. I’m sorry. 

Alexi, narrating: I ask him if he was in the UK recently, it’s a question that really seems to piss him off. 

Alexi: We were told that a month ago, or a few weeks ago, you’d left Marrakesh to come to the UK. Is that true? 

Abraham: Who told you that? Who told you that? 

Alexi: We were told by a couple of people actually, 

Abraham: I’m asking you a question. You like to ask questions, but you don’t like to answer.

Alexi: Is that incorrect, did you not come to the UK recently? 

Abraham: Did I not come to the UK? What, they said I was in the UK, did they? 

Alexi: It sounds like you might have been in the UK, based on your answers. 

Abraham: It sounds like I might have been, see, you are a disingenuous little bugger you are, you don’t believe anything I say to you.

Alexi, narrating: Then I ask him if he’s been violent to children. 

Alexi: In your relationship with Ella’s children, you said that you gave them licks, I think is the word that you use. 

Abraham: Yes. I gave them licks. Yes. I gave them licks. Yes. I gave them licks. 

Alexi: What the licks, what are licks 

Abraham: The licks, I gave them licks with a spoon. 

Alexi: Did you, did you beat up your son, I think he’s called ******* in 2014?

Abraham: No, I didn’t beat up my son, in 2014, I grabbed him and chucked him out the house because he was, he joined, he was in a gang and he was being a bit bolshy.

Alexi, narrating: I confront him about the allegations of abuse made by his former family

Alexi: One of the things that kind of troubled me, recently was, I mean, it’s kind of public because it was on your Instagram, was that your stepchildren made pretty serious allegations against you, in terms of, they said that you had abused them physically and psychologically and it sounded quite similar to what the judge said had happened in the Hampstead case.

Abraham: Well, of course it did because they have to copy it. Now, if you’ve read, if you’ve seen the videos that I’ve put up, if you’ve seen them and you’ve, and you’ve honestly analysed it, then you know what the score is.

Alexi, narrating: And after all that, it’s clear that Abraham is not sorry, not sorry for any of it. 

Alexi: It’s not just Ricky ****  who you and Ella kind of affected quite badly. It’s a lot of other parents of the school whose lives were really kind of impacted. And I just wonder whether you had anything to say to them.  

Abraham: I would tell them to stop abusing children. I would tell them to show the tattoos. I would tell them that their cult has been exposed and that sodomising children does not extend their lives.

Alexi, narrating: Abraham won’t tell me why he made the kids lie during the summer of 2014. He won’t admit that any part of the story is fake. 

But from his answers, and from what I found out about him, I can make an educated guess.

A potent combination of money and love. 

Abraham: I’m in the top 10 of hemp seed nutritionists in the world. I was the first one to supply hemp seeds on the shelves of the health food stores in London in 1996. The reason the children spoke, the reason the children, one of the reasons why the case is so rare, is that the children spoke because we have an endocannabinoid system. I mean this is cutting edge science.

Alexi, narrating: Remember how Abraham fed Ella’s children hemp smoothies? 

Well, his claim has always been that that they were brainwashed by their abusers

That they suffered from something called Trauma Based Mind Control, a well established conspiracy theory which accuses powerful figures of manipulating the minds of their victims.

And guess what Abraham thinks is the only thing capable of releasing a child from this sort of abuse? 

His own cannabis smoothies. 

Abraham: Via the nutrition, the nutrition helped them to overcome the trauma based mind control programming that they had been subjected to.

Alexi, narrating: In June 2014,  a month before he went to Morocco with Ella’s children, Abraham set up a company called Hempstar Dynamics, selling hemp juice.

Ella was a director too. 

On one of the home videos made by Ella and Abraham of the children a few weeks later. 

Ella’s young son turns and says into the camera: “When I eat hemp, I feel strong and powerful”. 

In the conspiracy community, lots of people believe that cannabis and hemp can reverse trauma based mind control.

So Abraham had an economic interest in promoting the idea that his hemp smoothies freed the kids from abuse. 

But I don’t think that Abraham would have created this vast paedophile conspiracy just to make money. 

There must have been another, bigger reason, why Abraham did what he did.

And I think it’s the most significant reason of all.


Alexi: Does Ella ever come and visit you in Marrakesch?

Abraham: Does Ella ever come and visit me? I’ve seen her. I love her, I’ve never met a woman like her and I would never meet a woman like her.

Alexi, narrating: Abraham hates pretty much everyone. He’s turned on Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie, accusing them of being spies for MI5. 

He’s fallen out with Jon Wedger, the former police officer, and other supporters of the Hampstead Hoax. 

He certainly doesn’t like me.

Abraham: You’re a cover up merchant. That’s what you are. Alexis. You are attempting to do a cover up. 

Alexi, narrating: But the one person he’s never said a bad word about, in eight years.

Is Ella. 

Abraham: She’s an amazing woman and I love her. Okay. So if you wanna ask, see, I don’t care, I’m telling you, no one knows this, but I’ll tell you I don’t care. Okay Alexis! Ella’s a great woman, a fantastic mother, a great partner, a wonderful woman. 

Alexi, narrating: In 2014 this “wonderful woman” was in trouble. 

Abraham: Well, what happened is that Ella, I could see what happened to Ella that she’d been in court for years and she was getting nowhere and was able to slowly incrementally, sort of like wearing her down and attempting to steal her children from her. 

Alexi, narrating: Ella was trying to get sole custody of the children. Trying to take them home to Russia. 

And what Abraham seems to be telling me is that he thought he could help. 

Abraham: I’d advised Ella that she was only gonna get pressure. She would receive no joy going to the courts. You know, that their rig is a rigged court. So you’ve got no chance. And I started to tell her about, explain about the freemasons and the rest, but she’d been going to court for four years, she’d been, she accustomed to it, but she eventually listened to what I said. And she realised, of course she was gonna get no justice.

The courts are run the, the court, what is it? The Royal courts, they’re run by masons, freemasons and Talmudic Jews. These courts are all Pedo Sodomite Death Cults.  

If you’re foolish enough to believe that the children aren’t telling the truth, then you’re either a cult member or you are, or you are a crooked, or you’re a crooked reporter, one or the two.

Alexi, narrating: Eventually, Abraham’s patience with me runs out. And the feeling is mutual.

Alexi: Okay, well listen, I really appreciate it, you have a good night now.

Abraham: Goodnight? 

Alexi: As in, you have a good evening.

Abraham: Come on Alexis, kalinikta.

Alexi: Kalinikta Abraham, bye bye

Abraham: Bye bye.

Alexi, narrating: Talking to Abraham was like glimpsing the answers I was seeking through a pane of coloured glass.

I could make out their shape but I couldn’t see the detail 

I could tell he still loves Ella, even though he’s not living with her anymore, maybe hasn’t for years. 

That he still has feelings for her, that given the chance, he’d do anything for her. 

But that didn’t explain why Ella did what she did. 

And why she let a violent man so close to her children. 

Ella: Okay. Well, of course I am expecting this question to come at any interview, to be honest, because this is like, one of the most controversial point, in the story.

Alexi, narrating: I’ve thought quite a lot about how to interpret Ella’s interview with me. 

My conversation with Abraham had shown me how dominating he could be, a dangerous mix of charm and threat. 

And this guy came into Ella’s life like a whirlwind, changing everything in the space of a few months. Moving into her flat, behaving aggressively towards her children, changing their diets. 

And I also know that Ella’s previous relationship with Ricky had been seriously toxic, that there had been allegations of abuse on both sides. 

All of which means that I was open to see Ella, at least partially, as a victim. Someone who found herself in a desperate situation and was willing to take desperate measures to get out of it. 

Someone who saw Abraham as a way out, and didn’t have the ability or the opportunity to see him clearly. Maybe he was controlling her, maybe he still is. 

But it’s still really hard to hear her defend Abraham, to play down his abuse. 

Ella: Abraham is not a child abuser, he’s not, he’s not handling himself very well and he’s prone to violence. On the other hand, you know, he means well in a way, you know, he means well and, in regards handling children, I think he’s done his best. We all done our best, but you know, we do our best on our own in certain ways.

But of course, you know, like to be honest, to be truthful with you, I still have a difficult time forgiving Abraham for this behaviour.

But again, you know, do I have the right to judge?

Alexi, narrating: There was one point in Morocco where Abraham seems to have hit Ella’s son in the face. And this is how she relays it to me, as basically an accident. 

Ella: There was one incident when he was in the room with my son and they were talking and they had had argument and that’s what Abraham told me now. He said that he’s he’s kind of like done this kind of thing, but he didn’t hit him, but like, he kind of got upset. And he said that at the same time, ***** moved his head and he’s, and he’s caught his head basically, I think like top of his head or like around his eye, something like that around him.

So next thing, ****** started to have a swollen eye

Alexi, narrating: The more I look into this story, the more I re-examined my interview tapes with Ella and dig back through the court documents, the more this idea of Ella as a passive victim, a character controlled by her partners, disintegrates. 

Alexi: There was something in the judgement, the Pauffley judgement that I just wanted to ask you about. She said both children were presenting as and complaining of being hungry at school. This was sort of between 2010 and 2014. Was there something going on there that made them hungry, or what, what was happening around then?

Abraham: The NCPCC, right? The child protection organisation, they received an anonymous phone call from an unknown party, saying that the children been abused by their mother that, I’m not feeding them, I’m holding them outside naked, that the children are going through the rubbish bins and things like. 

And a number of other things, just total rubbish.

Alexi, narrating: In October 2013, six months before Abraham came on the scene, someone reported Ella to the NSPCC, Britain’s main child protection charity. 

They claimed that Ella’s children had been left out on the balcony, cold and hungry. 

This set off a chain of events, social workers went round to Ella’s house, checking her fridge to see if it was properly stocked

They also went to the school, where the teachers relayed their own concerns.

Ella: That final meeting, I think in January happened in headmistress’s office. And there, she was saying that, you know, she heard that the children were under fed and going through the rubbish bin, I confronted her. I said, where have you got this information? She said I’ve heard it somewhere. Then she backed off. She said, oh no, no, don’t worry about it. It just must be like rumours or something, but she was trying, she was trying to incriminate me, even at that point, the headmistress.

Alexi, narrating: According to legal documents I’ve seen, the school had raised concerns about the children twice in 2013, long before Abraham came on the scene. 

And suddenly, all the pieces were beginning to fall into place. 

I went back to look at Ella’s list, the list of 175 names of supposed satanists. 

There was the name of the headmistress, the woman who undermined Ella in front of the social workers. 

There was the name of the social worker who recommended that Ricky should see the children 

There was the name of the person who Ella suspected had called the NSPCC. 

Even Sam, the Hampstead mum who had annoyed Ella by feeding her children non-vegan food, was there.

Sam: I genuinely thought that I had been put on the list because of that fateful party because of the vegan food.

Alexi, narrating: And then suddenly, I remember something that Abraham said to me in our bizarre conversation.

Abraham: I didn’t know any of the teachers. I didn’t know their names. I didn’t know any of these characters, but the children told me all about these characters. So if I had told, if I beat them and made them tell the story, how can I have made them say if I didn’t know any of these characters, I’ve only known the children for three months. Remember that. 

Alexi, narrating: Abraham was right. He couldn’t have known more than a handful of people named on the list. 

Ella’s first husband, the finance guy who brought her to England, is on the list, accused of being the “financial supporter and active member” of the cult. 

Ella split up with him around a decade before Abraham arrived.

Putting him on the list doesn’t feel impulsive to me, it feels vindictive and calculated, revenge served cold. 

Alexi: So it’s a grey, overcast, early autumn day, and I’ve come to ***** Road in Hampstead, which is where Ella Draper and Abraham Christie lived, in 2014. It’s where the Hoax basically happened.

It’s actually quite a modest road by Hampstead standards, but still some really nice houses.

BMWs and Mercedes in the drive.  

Alexi, narrating: This month, I went round to visit Ella’s old neighbours in Hampstead to see if they remembered anything from the time.

Alexi: It’s sort of eight years ago, so I don’t expect people to remember much, but we’re gonna give it a go. So I’m just gonna go up to the first neighbor’s house.

Okay, let’s try here.

Suzanne: I’ve lived in this house since 1978, so I’ve seen people come and go. This end of the road is very friendly and we all know each other and people have been very helpful to me since I had my operation and so on.

Alexi, narrating: This is Suzanne, she lived next door to Ella, in 2013 and 2014, she’s a linguist and she also used to be a professional singer.

Suzanne: I had a job in publishing to do with editing a directory of companies in Europe where I could get days off when I had a concert. 

Alexi: Wow. What kind of singing did you do? 

Suzanne: Classical music, not much opera because I was a contralto, but recitals and other things, and I did that till I was about 60 and then I stopped. And if you want to know, I’m 86 now. 

Alexi: I wasn’t gonna ask. 

Suzanne: No, I’ll tell you. 

Alexi, narrating: Suzanne remembers Ella, which isn’t surprising because she was also one of the people who ended up on Ella’s list. Luckily, Suzanne doesn’t use the internet so she was shielded from the worst of it. 

Suzanne: She was spreading rumours that neighbours like me were abusing the children too. She said I touched the children inappropriately. But, what they were doing were beating the children to say this kind of thing.

Her boyfriend was caught wandering around on the roof with no clothes on.

I think he dominated her. 

Alexi: You think he dominated her?

Suzanne: I think so, yes.

Alexi, narrating: Whether or not Abraham was dominating Ella, it’s clear to me that after he came on the scene, she seems to have prioritised him over her children. 

Do you remember Abraham’s stepdaughter, the woman who accused Abraham of abusing her and her siblings years before he got together with Ella ? 

Well this stepdaughter wrote an email directly to Ella in September 2014 

Warning her about Abraham, she calls him Aby

Voice Actor: Hello Ella. My name is ****** I’m Abys so-called daughter. I’m not trying to cause trouble but I believe you should know the truth about Abraham Christie. 

Alexi, narrating: I’ve cross-checked the dates, and Ella would have received the email right at the start of the police investigation, when the children were telling officers that there was a satanic cult. 

The email is a page long, it’s a detailed list of accusations against Abraham, accusing him of pretty horrific violence. 

I don’t know how Ella reacted when she received that, but I do know that she never replied to the stepdaughter, and that she didn’t tell the police or remove her children from Abraham’s orbit. 

This sense that Ella stands by Abraham through everything is reinforced by the police interviews with the children

When they tell officers that Ella was there when Abraham kicked them 

Police Officer: Okay, and why do you think she let him do it? Did she try and stop it? Or…

Child: No, she never done that…never…never ever…

Police Officer: Why?

Child: She’ll never do that. 

Police Officer: Why not?

Child: She loves him so much….

Alexi, narrating: When I get back from speaking to Ella’s neighbours I do some more research. I run a search for websites registered to Ella’s address in Hampstead. 

There’s a couple of yoga ones, but also, I find sites with names like hampstead911.com, hampsteadcoverup.net, and papakillsbabies.org. 

Dating all the way back to 2015. 

And it’s Ella’s name, not Abraham’s, on the registration documents. 

And when I was speaking to her, I did notice moments when her mask slipped.

When she seemed almost as much of a conspiracy theorist as Abraham. 

Our first conversation happened on the day Russia invaded Ukraine, in Feb  2022. 

Ella told me who she thought was to blame.

Ella: I mean, look, it’s all comes to the same people as Zionists, right?  

Alexi: You mean Jewish, Jewish people, isn’t that right?

Ella: Yeah, but it’s not normal Jewish people. We’re talking about that, that little percentage that behind it all, isn’t it 

Alexi: Like a cabal? 

Ella: Exactly. Exactly. And, they’ve been supplying, there’s been supplying nationalists with weapon, which they’ve been using against peaceful people you know. We’re talking about actually children and women. But it’s all part of the same plan isn’t it. To kill the economy of the world, to destabilise the world really. And to eventually enslave everybody isn’t it? 

Alexi, narrating: Like Bonnie and Clyde, Ella and Abraham seem to exist as two parts of the same entity. I don’t think you can define one without  the other. 

They seem to have been swept up in each other’s extremism, the sort of couple who genuinely don’t give a shit about anything, or anyone else. 

A few days before this podcast comes out, I try to call Ella one more time. 

Alexi: We’re gonna give Ella Draper a call, on your phone because she’ll probably recognize my number. Yeah, should we go for it?

Alexi: Hello? Hello, is that Ella?

Ella: Yes. 

Alexi: Hi Ella. It’s Alex Mostrous from Tortoise. 

Ella: Hi, Alexi. Hi.

Alexi: Hi. Hi. I just wanted to call you because I wanted to tell you that the podcast has come out and to see if I could just ask you a couple more questions because we didn’t get the chance last time. 

Ella: Alexi, how, how dare you, you saying that I’m lying on the podcast and now you’re coming back to me to get like, to make me look even worse or what?

Alexi: I just, I just wanted to get your answers to a couple of questions that, that I had

Ella, I, I think, I think people would really like to know why you helped Abraham make your children lie about the hoax.

Oh, she’s, she’s gone.

Well, I guess that’s it.

Alexi, narrating: After months of thinking about this, I think I’m close to understanding why Ella and Abraham did what they did. 

Ella saw Abraham as a gun she could use to fire bullets at anyone who’d ever slighted her. 

But what I still don’t understand is why no police action was taken against either of them. 

Because, looking at the documents filed for Ella’s family court case, it’s clear that the police knew about Abraham’s history of violence at an early stage. 

They knew that he’d been charged with assaulting his teenage son earlier that year; they knew that he’d been violent to his ex-wife. They even knew he’d been hitting Ella’s children with spoons. 

And yet, they didn’t even bother to interview him. 

Abraham: They had an opportunity to arrest me. They had ample opportunity to arrest me. There’s nothing to arrest me for. They didn’t even take a statement from me because they know all they would get from me is the truth. So they weren’t interested in anything I had to say.

Alexi, narrating: This summer, when I was asking the police about this case, it seemed like they still weren’t interested. 

They sent me a bland statement, ‘this is an old case’, they said ‘we’re not going to be able to help.’

But, after I returned from Marrakesh to London, I think I set something in motion.

I speak to a source, someone I’ve been talking to a lot during this investigation. Someone who helped convict one of the main hoaxers and has a huge amount of information about the case. 

And I tell her what I’ve discovered in Morocco, that Abraham might be here, in London. And she tells a contact of hers in the police.

And that, I think, is the genesis of something I totally do not expect. 

Because a few weeks later, the Met Police send me a new statement

News Reporter: “Following new information coming to light in August 2022, officers have re-opened an investigation into child abuse, which was reported to have taken place in Hampstead in 2014” 

Alexi, narrating: According to my source, what happened was that after learning that Abraham might be in the UK, the police contacted Ella’s children to ask if they would cooperate with an investigation. And the kids, who are teenagers now, said yes. 

After so many months spent thinking this was a cold case, something that the police were happy to forget about and move on.

This news hits me quite hard. It’s a significant development after eight years of stasis. The investigation into Abraham Christie, and maybe Ella too, has been reopened. 

I don’t know what the police think they can do to bring the pair to justice. 

Maybe Abraham’s already back in Marrakech, in which case that might be a problem as the UK doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Morocco. 

But the police must think they can do something, otherwise they wouldn’t bother putting resources into a new investigation.  

So although I don’t know what will happen now, I know something is happening. 

And I don’t have that nagging feeling anymore that Abraham has just got away with it. 

Instagram has also taken down Abraham’s account, after I sent them evidence of what he’d been posting. Evil messages accusing Ricky of being a paedophile, videos showing the children’s faces.

So that just leaves Ella. She’s quite isolated now. 

I think I’ve tracked her down to a place called San Roque, in Cadiz, a region in Southern Spain. 

She’s still pushing out her lies, still working with conspiracy theorists. Still asking for funds to mount a legal appeal against “The Hampstead Coverup”. 

And she still has some followers left.

Arthur Kotiab: Now this is for the attention of Alexi Monstrous, the English barrister, former journalist for the Times Magazine and Guardian newspaper, and now a host of The Hampstead London Satanic Ritual Child Abuse case. 

Alexi, narrating: Like this Australian guy called Arthur, who, it’s fair to say, does not like the way I’ve portrayed Ella in this podcast…

Arthur: I have listened to your first four episodes of Hoaxed and to say I’m fucking disgusted, and rumbled is an understatement 

Alexi, narrating: And you only have to read some of  our reviews of our podcast, calling me a paedophile protector and worse, to know that for some people this story will always be true. 

But fewer and fewer people seem to be listening to Ella herself. 

Her power seems to be fading away.


A few days before we publish this episode, I phone Karen, the novelist from Canada who mounted the fightback against the Hoaxers. 

Karen’s spent time with Ella’s children fairly recently.  

They’re now teenagers, living under different names, the daughter is turning 18 next year.

And I want to know how they’re doing 

Karen: “They seem to me very well adjusted, considering what they had been through, they were very very attached to their dad, they were very bright and curious and interesting kids to talk to, and what struck me about them most was exactly how normal they were, and how anyone who didn’t know what had happened to them might not be able to tell from the outside, and they seem to be just happy, normal kids.’’

Alexi, narrating: Eight years ago, these two children were at the centre of a very private trauma which was transformed into a very public conspiracy theory. 

And in all the lies about satanism, their real abuse was overlooked, abuse at the hands of Abraham and their own mother. 

But the children have adapted, they’ve gotten on with their lives. They’re doing okay, and now, finally, they may be able to see justice for all that they had to endure. 

And ultimately, in this crazy story, that’s what matters. 

Hoaxed was brought to you by me, Alexi Mostrous, Gemma Newby, Imy Harper and Xavier Greenwood. Sound design was by Eloise Whitmore. The executive producer is Basia Cummings. And a special thanks to Karen Irving, for all her help in reporting this series. 

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