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10 June 2021

The Responsible AI Forum
At Waddesdon

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Hosted by Lord Rothschild and organised by Tortoise Media, the Responsible AI Forum convened the world’s best-known figures from the business and academic worlds to lead the discussion on the development, deployment and communication of AI as a responsible technology for society and government.

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Head of AI, Atomico


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Founder, Exponential View

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Founder & General Partner, Playground Global

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Founder, AQL

Author Image

CEO, causaLens

Author Image

Co-founder and CTO, Inrupt and inventor of the World Wide Web

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Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, QuantumBlack and Partner, McKinsey

Author Image

Global Lead in AI, Amazon Web Services

Author Image

Executive Chair & Co-Founder, BlueVoyant and Capitolis

Author Image

Co-founder, CognitionX and Chair, UK Government’s AI Council

Author Image

Global Managing Counsel, McKinsey Digital

Author Image

Founder & CEO, DeepMind

Author Image

Chairman, IBM EMEA

Author Image

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, DCVC

Author Image

Professor of Computer Science and Smith-Zadeh Professor in Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Author Image

Former Head of MI6

Author Image

Principal and Professorial Research Fellow in Computer Science, University of Oxford

Author Image

Former Danish Prime Minister and Member of Facebook’s Oversight Board

Author Image

Chairman and CEO, SoftBank Group Corp.

Author Image

Fellow in Economics at Oxford University and co-author of The Future of the Professions

Author Image

Senior Managing Director and Head of AI Strategy & Solutions, Temasek


Author Image

Co-founder and Editor, Tortoise

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Director of Tortoise Intelligence

9.30-9.35am BST

Welcome by Jacob Rothschild, Alexandra Mousavizadeh and James Harding.


The Agenda of the Responsible AI Forum

Rashmy Chatterjee, CEO, ISTARI and Siraj Khaliq, Investment Partner, Atomico


The AI Opportunity

Masayoshi Son, Chairman and CEO, SoftBank Group Corp. in conversation with James Harding, Co-Founder, Tortoise Media

Part one


Smart machines for the public good: how will AI improve health, education and prosperity?

Our ambition is to foster innovation in AI technologies and accelerate its use across industry. What can AI offer humanity by 2030? What breakthroughs can we expect over the coming decade and in what order? Can we lay out the roadmap for an AI future?

Speakers: Jacomo Corbo, Chief Scientist and co-founder of QuantumBlack; Michael Zeller, Head of AI Strategy, Temasek; Sana Kharaghani, Director of the Office for AI, UK Government

Moderator: Tabitha Goldstaub, Co-founder, CognitionX and Chair, UK Government’s AI Council


The next economic model: how will AI distribute the gains?

AI promises efficiency gains and economic growth but will its benefits accrue to only those with skills and capital? Will clusters of AI excellence widen divides between and within nations? Can we lay the groundwork to avoid widening inequality in the future?

Speakers: Azeem Azhar, founder, Exponential View; Daniel Susskind, economist and author; Carys Roberts, Executive Chair, IPPR

Moderator: James Harding, Co-Founder, Tortoise


Lunch at Windmill Hill, Waddesdon hosted by Jacob Rothschild

Part two


Capital ideas: investor priorities in AI 

From AI operating systems for self-driving cars to self-learning language processing platforms, artificial intelligence truly spans all industry sectors. With the potential to disrupt so many areas, venture capital firms are jumping on the bandwagon to fund the brains behind the projects, getting themselves ahead of the curve. What is the blueprint for AI investment success ? 

Speakers: Matt Ocko, Co-founder and Managing Partner, DCVC; Janet Bannister, Managing Partner, Real Ventures; Ash Fontana, author of The AI-First Company & Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners; Peter Barrett, Founder & General Partner, Playground Global

Moderator: Siraj Khaliq, Investment Partner, Atomico, Freshfields Partner


The geo-politics of the intelligence complex: AI, cyber and global security

AI will bring advances in almost every sector of life, such that AI dominance has become a defining objective of the worlds’ biggest powers in a race for geopolitical influence and power. New digital empires are forming and techo-colonialism is on the rise. The issues in question range from AI-driven information warfare to autonomous weapons, from AI-powered cyber-operations through to AI-driven surveillance. Geopolitics will become rife with many thorny AI issues to circumnavigate. How is AI redefining power between states and between the state and the private sector? How should the international community collaborate and respond to the ethical issues AI is raising? And what is the end point of the international AI race?

Speakers: Sir John Sawers, former head of MI6; Tom Glocer, founder, BlueVoyant; Stuart Russell, Prof. Computer Science, Berkeley; Tom Hurd, Former Director General, Office of Security & Counter Terrorism, Home Office

Moderator: Rashmy Chatterjee, CEO, ISTARI


Coffee break


The rules: can AI be regulated?

It’s a tale as old as capitalism itself. Big business argues that strict regulations will stifle innovation and give an edge to international competitors, but calls for regulation to protect the public are increasing. With reports of AI ethics violations on the rise, it looks like the scales are starting to tip against those arguing against tougher regulations. But what regulations, and who decides? 

Speakers: Liz Grennan, Global Managing Council, McKinsey; Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former Danish Prime Minister, member of the Facebook Oversight Board; Martin Jetter, Chairman of IBM (EMEA), Chairman of the Board at Deutsche Börse Group; Darko Matovski, CEO, causaLens

Moderator: James Harding, Co-Founder, Tortoise


Demis Hassabis, CEO, DeepMind in conversation with James Harding


Jack Clark, Policy Director, ONEAI OECD & writer importAI, in conversation with James Harding


Editorial wrap up with James Harding


Drinks Reception at The Dairy


Waddesdon Dinner at The Dairy

The Forum Leadership

The agenda, content and direction has been shaped in collaboration with our co-chairs and advisory board.

  • Siraj Khaliq, Investment Partner, Atomico
  • Rashmy Chatterjee, CEO, Istari
The Advisory Board
  • Azeem Azhar, Founder, Exponential View
  • Jacomo Corbo, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, QuantumBlack
  • Sana Khareghani, Head of UK Government’s Office for AI
  • Marc Etienne Ouimette, Global Lead, AI Policy, Amazon AWS
  • Stuart Russell, Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence, Berkeley
The Rothschild Foundation
  • Lord Jacob Rothschild
  • James Harding, Co-founder and Editor
  • Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Director, Tortoise Intelligence

The Tortoise AI Network

We anticipate up to 150 participants will join us for the Forum, 30 of whom will join us on-site at Waddesdon. Attendees will largely be made up of members of the Tortoise AI Network, our global community of business leaders, academic experts, and policy makers that meets monthly to take part in cutting-edge conversations on the latest developments in AI, fuelled by data from the Global AI Index.

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