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As you’ve become a KITE Festival founder you’re also a member of Tortoise. Our mission here is to slow down and open up journalism. We’re thrilled to have you.

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10 tickets to ThinkIns, the engine of open journalism. Tortoise members participate in open news conferences, live and unscripted in our newsroom.

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The news not as it happens, but when it’s ready. In the app, in your inbox and online.


Tortoise quarterly is a short book of long reads. Modern fables, true tales, old stories re-examined, new ones revealed.

A taste of our journalism

We are focused on the Big Five forces that are shaping our lives, our societies, our world. 

New things.

Technology. Engineering. Science.


Our planet.

Geopolitics. Environment. Natural resources.


Society. Identity. Countries. Beliefs. Arts.


The 100-year life.

Health. Public policy. Living. Education.


Fairness. Investment. Prosperity.

Photo Essays.

Stories in pictures.

A taste of what you can expect from our digital ThinkIns

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What our members are saying

Tom Dewar

I can already highly recommend @Tortoise. It’s the news equivalent of dipping your head in a cool, glacier-fresh stream on a scorching-hot day.

Lucinda Day

Went to my first @Tortoise ThinkIn last night on gender. A really fun eve – full of lively comment & a totally inclusive atmosphere. Not at all like a traditional panel event.

Kelwyn Looi

Really recommend the ThinkIn. Refreshing to actually hear views from real people that then feeds into what’s published. Team is lovely too!


Where can I find my code?

The KITE team have sent your code straight to your inbox, along with ticketing information for the festival. If you can’t find it, drop us a line at

What’s included?

You’ll get one year’s Tortoise membership, giving you access to all of Tortoise’s digital journalism in the app and online, as well as ten ThinkIn tickets for the year, Tortoise Quarterly as an ebook and our daily Sensemaker briefing emails delivered straight to your inbox.

How long do I have to redeem my code?

You can redeem your membership up to a year from when we sent you the code, but the sooner the better – we’re releasing new stories and holding new ThinkIns up and down the country every week.

When will my membership run out?

Your membership will last one year from when you sign up here.

If you have any further questions about Tortoise, you may find answers to them in our FAQs. Alternatively, please do get in touch with us via