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We’re building a different type of newsroom. For a slower, wiser news.

We’d love you to join us.

Guest of Tortoise

  • Complimentary membership for four weeks
  • Use the code GUESTOFTORTOISE
  • Includes a ticket to a ThinkIn of your choice (usually £25) for you and a guest
  • Access to the slow news feed in the app and online
  • Daily ‘News Angles’ email
  • Weekly ‘Sensemaker’ email
  • Unlimited sharing and saving of our journalism
  • Watch ThinkIns on live stream

As a guest member of Tortoise you’ll get all this for four weeks

In person

A ticket to a ThinkIn, the engine of open journalism, including briefing Notes beforehand and a Readout afterward.

On mobile

Access to our slow news app for iOS and Android. News not when it happens but when it’s ready.

To your inbox

If you’d like to see it, we’ll share our internal editorial briefing email, ‘News Angles’, with you every day.

Some of our journalism