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We are focused on the Big Five forces that are shaping our lives, our societies, our world. 

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"Joining Tortoise is one of the best things I’ve done and has got to be the best concept out there in this disturbing, post-truth world we seem to be living in."

Hester McCreary
April 2020

"Thank goodness for your daily Sensemaker. I’m not entirely sure where I’d be without it in this period of self-isolation…"

Mitchell Harris
March 2020

"Thank you for the Covid Sensemaking articles. I am getting all my news from Tortoise at the moment, which is helping to keep me sane at this strangest of times!"

Hammad Shaikh
March 2020

"Just wanted to say I really liked the concept of digital Thinkins! I think it’s a great way to connect and encourage each other in these difficult times. I definitely would want more of them!"

Nethal Hashim
March 2020

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