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Accelerating Net Zero

The Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition is a group of partners determined to make progress towards net zero. With the help of these organisations we’re hosting solution-focused discussions on how to get there together.

slow newscast

The Fix

The story of a sustainability officer who was fired after calling out her company’s environmental claims for being spin not substance.


Inside the energy transition

Is a fair transition away from fossil fuels the stuff of dreams, or a genuine possibility?

Net zero and beyond

With John Browne

In this series of podcasts, Lord Browne, chairman of BeyondNetZero and former CEO of BP, meets experts from across society to look for practical solutions to climate change.

Can Asia kick its coal habit?

The world’s most populous continent, with its fastest-growing economies, depends on coal. We’ve mapped the data over the last 50 years to try and get a sense of this critical challenge for Asia – and the world.

Net Zero 2030: a Tortoise moonshot

The UK’s target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 isn’t nearly soon enough. So we set Tortoise members a task – to work out how to reach this goal by 2030.


Feeding the world sustainably after Covid: how will we do it?

How do we get food to everyone who needs it at a price they can afford?

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Net Zero: From talk to action – what really works?

Building back better requires consumers, corporates and governments all to do their part, but there is a serious risk of a missing link in the chain – businesses that opt for greenwash instead of change.

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More ThinkIns

Slow Views

Tortoise’s daily essays and editorials always have a point to make – and sometimes that point is about our planet.

Extinction Rebellion

In 2019, the streets of London were blocked by protestors, so we decided to speak to them. We investigated XR, its strategy and why its raucous form of climate activism is suddenly so popular.

White gold rush

California’s largest lake was a giant mistake created by an accidental flood more than a century ago. Today, the Salton Sea is an environmental disaster. But could the communities around the shore of the dying lake be saved by the quest for green energy and the hunt for one of the most sought-after elements on earth?

Trees: saviours of the planet

Can the world’s wide open spaces deliver a solution to climate armageddon?

The greatest man on Earth

In early summer 2019, a Tortoise ThinkIn in Brighton considered whether the sea could be saved from mankind’s ceaseless abuse. Not all the conclusions we reached were cheering or unanimous but there was one thing our environmental experts did agree upon.

When asked what had made them interested in their subject, they all pointed to the same natural phenomenon: David Attenborough.

Simon Barnes on fracking

We asked the journalist Simon Barnes to put aside his pro-ecology views and find out whether we should accept hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as the price of cheap energy.

The Climate100 Index

in partnership with

A firm commitment to divestment, decarbonisation and sustainability has never been more urgent for the FTSE 100. The latest update to Tortoise’s Responsibility100 Index, from October 2021, includes a special focus on climate goals. What is the difference between companies’ “talk” and “walk”?

For more information about the Climate100 Index, produced in partnership with Teneo, Read our report from April 2021 below.

The Keeling Curve

Tracking the emissions in our atmosphere

The Keeling Curve charts the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, based on measurements scientists have taken at the top of Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano, in Hawaii, every day since 1958.

It’s the best measure we have of growing emissions, which makes it an important tool in cutting them.

“We won’t get to net zero alone. We need all businesses, governments and civil society to share ideas and solutions to transform the economy at the scale and speed we need – and that is why we are joining the Tortoise Accelerating Net Zero Coalition.”
Claire O’Neill, Managing Director, Climate & Energy, WBCSD

With thanks to our coalition members: a network of organisations similarly committed to achieving Net Zero.

If you represent a business and are interested in joining our network of coalition members, please get in touch with Lizzie to find out more.