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Editor’s voicemail

Have fun and make history

There’s a lot going on in the news this August. But this week the Tortoise newsroom has some news of its own too.

tech states sensemaker

Amazon’s robotic households

The retail giant’s recent acquisitions point to where the company’s next frontier will be – your health, and your home.

creative sensemaker

Publish and be damned

Despite the Sandy Hook case, Alex Jones’ book is still set to be published this autumn. Is it right to publish the work of a conspiracy theorist?

Long read

The reluctant German

Eighty years after her family was hounded from Vienna by the Nazis, Mary Ann Sieghart agonises over her application for German citizenship.

Slow newscast

Hunt for the porn king: a reckoning

Last year we tracked down Pornhub’s secretive owner. This week we look back to ask: what happened next?

sensemaker our daily roundup of the news that matters

Heat deaths rising

12 august 2022
  • The Washington Post said FBI agents may have been looking for documents on nuclear weapons in their raid this week on Trump’s Florida estate.
  • The UN proposed a demilitarised zone at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to prevent a radiation disaster. 
  • Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle and Manchester were shortlisted as potential hosts for next year’s Eurovision song contest.

JosĂ© Antonio González took two water bottles and a homemade water sprayer to keep himself cool when he started a street cleaning shift at 2pm during a heatwave last month in Madrid. It wasn’t enough…

New podcast series for 2022

A series of in-depth conversations with people in power and those trying to influence them, hosted by the UK’s most formidable interviewer – Andrew Neil.

Caroline Criado Perez explores how women are simply forgotten in a world designed for men – and how we can we design a world that works for everyone.

Paul Caruana Galizia’s investigation into how ex-KGB agent Alexander Lebedev and his son Evgeny partied their way to the top of the British establishment.

Matt d’Ancona digs deep into what – and who – is driving the agenda in Westminster.

Across three British cities, we spoke to parents and children about how their experience of childhood has changed.

Is a fair transition to 100 per cent clean energy the stuff of dreams, or a genuine possibility?

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War in Ukraine

All our coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in one place.

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We’re not cutting emissions fast enough.

Which is why we launched the Accelerating Net Zero Coalition last year: a group of partners determined to make progress towards net zero. With the help of these businesses we’re hosting solution-focused discussions on how to get there together.

The Slow Newscast

Our biggest stories given voice

Hunt for the porn king: a reckoning

8 August 2022
23 minutes

Last year, as women accused Pornhub of profiting from their abuse, we tracked down its intensely secretive owner. This week, we’re looking back to find out: what happened next?

A multi-part podcast series

Sweet Bobby

How well do you know the person you love?



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