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The vaccine

Trudging through the latest lockdown is made easier by the fact that there is now light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine’s extra quick development has been something of a miracle; but the rollout could be something different altogether. For our latest File, we’ve investigated how some decisions taken by the government could end up delaying the delivery, and prolonging our agony.


A paean to untruth

It was just another rant to his supporters. Until it wasn’t. This is the speech that got Trump impeached for a second time.

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History and ice cream

One Night in Miami features in our latest selection of recommended films, books, albums, and more.

catch up

Covid’s lost children

We asked experts about the children who dropped off the radar during lockdown, and what we can do about it.

the vaccine

Further reading

From the history of vaccines to polling data on anti-vaxxers, we’ve compiled some extra information for you to get stuck into.

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The race is on

15 January 2021
  • Bobi Wine claimed victory in Uganda’s historic election after voters in some parts of the country stayed to watch the count after polls closed. President Museveni claimed an early lead; final results are due tomorrow.
  • Xi Jinping used a letter to the founder of Starbucks to call for a reset in US-China trade relations.
  • A new study estimated that more foreign-born residents left Britain last year than in any other year since the Second World War. 

The race is on, not just between the virus and the vaccines but between nations desperate for herd immunity. So far the competition seems to take the form of governments striving to do better because of positive headlines from elsewhere (Israel, UK, early hiccups notwithstanding). The risk is that the competition turns into a beggar-thy-neighbour scramble for supply…

Our members say
This week, we’re seeking your views on our Covid Inquiry

The Tortoise approach has really shone in respect of covid reporting throughout. To hear this timeline of simple reality – of what it’s been like for those of us managing the pandemic – was profoundly moving.

Simon, member since November 2020

Excellent program, very informative, hard hitting and candid. Did a good job of separating the obvious complexity of the pandemic from the poor performance of the UK government representatives.

Michael Eliastam, member since June 2020

21 january 2021

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The six major health challenges now

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