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Italy’s new government

Italy has elected its most right-wing government since World War Two in the same month that a party with neo-Nazi roots became the second largest in Sweden.

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An investigation into one of the most serious British conspiracy theories of all time – and the search for the people who started it.

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What Brazil’s election means for the planet

Who holds the Brazilian presidency will have big implications for climate change.


Labour should be the patriotic party

Starmer was right to open conference with the national anthem, writes Matthew d’Ancona.

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Scandal in the British Virgin Islands

When the BVI’s premier was arrested in a drugs sting, what did the British government know about the operation?

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Mamma mia

27 September 2022
  • The UK’s Labour Party surged five points in three days to a 17-point lead over the Conservatives in a new YouGov poll.
  • Edward Snowden, who fled to Moscow after leaking details of a vast US surveillance operation, was granted Russian citizenship.
  • Japan’s former leader Shinzo Abe was given a state funeral despite protests over its cost.

Italy has elected its most right-wing government since World War Two in the same month that a party with neo-Nazi roots became the second largest in Sweden. 

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Every Monday, Tortoise editor and award-winning commentator Matthew d’Ancona picks apart the political stories that matter with wit, flair and insider knowledge in his weekly column.

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Paradise bust

Scandal in the British Virgin Islands

26 September 2022
45 minutes

When the premier of the British Virgin Islands was arrested in a drugs sting in Miami, what did British government officials know about the operation?



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