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new podcast series

The News Meeting

In every newsroom around the world there’s a daily meeting to decide what leads the news, what follows and in what order – usually behind closed doors. In this podcast, we want to change that, and invite you in.

new podcast

The Tavistock: Inside the gender clinic

Soon, the only NHS clinic in England and Wales which treats transgender children will soon close. This is the story of what happened.

Editor’S voicemail

Boosting Britain’s place in the world

Rishi Sunak’s first speech on British foreign policy this week was thin on ideas. Luckily, others have started putting in the work.

creative sensemaker

Virginia Woolf’s Orlando has never felt more contemporary

Emma Corrin’s performance in Michael Grandage’s production brings fresh life to the story.

tech states sensemaker

Protests in China have exposed Apple’s weakness

A reliance on cheap labour in illiberal economies has left Apple vulnerable.

sensemaker our daily roundup of the news that matters

Bit of a mess

2 december 2022
  • Joe Biden said he was “prepared to speak” to Putin about the war in Ukraine.
  • Spain said six letter bombs were sent to officials including PM Sánchez.
  • A Florida woman sued Kraft saying its mac ‘n cheese took too long to make. 

If a cryptocurrency exchange collapses, should the real economy care? The answer’s not clear yet, but the question’s urgent. 

World Cup 2022 updates

A century and a half of the England football team

by Paul Hayward

Tortoise’s Sports Editor Paul Hayward provides an update day by day on the 2022 World Cup. Today: a very brief history of the England men’s football team – and a look at the challenges facing them now.

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Multi-part podcast series

Limited series

Who chooses the prime minister?

Liz Truss was elected prime minister by a handful of the population – Conservative party members. Her successor was almost chosen this way as well. But nobody knows exactly who these people are – or how secure the process is. So we’ve asked the Conservative Party to tell us.

On 10 October 2022, Tortoise submitted an application for Judicial Review of the Conservative party’s refusal to disclose information about the way it chose Britain’s new prime minister.

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Matthew d’Ancona

Every Monday, Tortoise editor and award-winning commentator Matthew d’Ancona picks apart the political stories that matter with wit, flair and insider knowledge in his weekly column.

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We’re not cutting emissions fast enough.

Which is why we launched the Accelerating Net Zero Coalition last year: a group of partners determined to make progress towards net zero. With the help of these businesses we’re hosting solution-focused discussions on how to get there together.

The Slow Newscast

Our biggest stories given voice

Inside Unite

The union, Liverpool and the £100m hotel

21 November 2022
58 minutes

One of Britain’s biggest trade unions has built a hotel in Birmingham at vast cost. Following the threads which explain why it became so wildly expensive leads inevitably to a surprising place: to Liverpool. And to questions which could hurt the Labour party



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