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Slow newscast

China’s missing tennis player

In November last year, Peng Shuai, one of China’s top tennis players, accused a senior Communist party politician of sexual assault. Since then she’s disappeared not only from public life, but from public concern. Why has she – and China’s #MeToo movement – been silenced?


Can White Debt ever be repaid?

We held a ThinkIn to discuss Britain’s legacy of slavery – and why people are reluctant to engage with it.

ThinkIn with James Harding

Xinjiang: The China Problem

How should the West engage with China while also addressing its appalling treatment of the Uyghurs?

Creative Sensemaker

Animal spirits

The Royal Academy’s remarkable new Francis Bacon exhibition reframes the great modern artist in a fresh, sharply contemporary light.



Find everything we’ve published about the PM’s movements between Downing Street and Chequers in March 2020.

sensemaker our daily roundup of the news that matters

Voting rights and wrongs

27 january 2022
  • Stephen Breyer’s retirement from the US Supreme Court started the formal search for his replacement, who President Biden has said will be a Black woman. 
  • Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer welcomed Prince Andrew’s demand for the claim that he sexually assaulted her to be tested at a jury trial in New York.
  • Spotify removed Neil Young from its platform after he said it had to choose between him and the podcast host Joe Rogan (more below).

The world’s most powerful democracy has a problem – with democracy. As the US tries to impose its authority in Central Europe, Congress is at war with itself over voting rights and election security.


Xinjiang: The China Problem

China stands accused of committing crimes against humanity, and possibly even genocide, against the Uyghur population in Xinjiang. Yet Beijing compares its system of “re-education camps” to the West’s war on terror and says it’s entitled to protect its citizens from domestic terrorism. This is the sharp end of the China problem; exhibit A of Xi Jinping’s authoritarianism and the West’s impotence to defend human rights within China’s borders

A multi-part podcast series

Sweet Bobby

How well do you know the person you love?

We’re not cutting emissions fast enough.

Which is why we launched the Accelerating Net Zero Coalition last year: a group of partners determined to make progress towards net zero. With the help of these businesses we’re hosting solution-focused discussions on how to get there together.

Everyone can join

By offering sponsored membership to those who otherwise could not join Tortoise, we are truly an open and inclusive newsroom.


We need to get the world vaccinated as fast as possible. We’re in an arms race: vaccines vs variants. That’s why we’ve launched our Vaccine Tracker along with a campaign to vaccinate the world by the end of next year.



Policing INquiry

Are the police institutionally sexist?

We recently held the Tortoise Policing Inquiry to discover why policing goes wrong, and whether it can be fixed.

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